Adam Richman weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Adam Richman weight gain?

Adam Richman, an American television personality and actor, was born and raised in Brooklyn, in a Jewish family. A diligent student since his childhood, Adam attended Midwood High School and later continued his studies at Emory University. In the late 1990s he entered Yale School of Drama, were he earned a master’s degree. He made his television debut in 2004 appearing as Butcher God on Joan of Arcadia and went on to portray Andy on popular television series All My Children. A breakthrough in Adams professional career came up in 2008, when he started hosting popular food reality television series Man v. Food. A buzz around Adam Richman weight gain started a bit later, when the audience noticed that the actor looks much different then he used to.
The reasons behind Adam Richman weight gain are related to his job. In each of the episodes the host travels to the new city, to explore its unique food. Not only he talks to the local restaurateurs, who also demonstrate the process of cooking, Richman tries the food himself. The particular meals that the show centers on are typically far from healthy. Quite contrary, the food Adam stuffs his stomach with is usually full of grease and calories. In addition, the host participates in eating contests, were he faces such challenges as eating a five-pound-sandwich. Knowing this, Adam Richman weight gain does not seem surprising at all.
Although the show was amazingly popular among the general audience (according to Los Angeles Times, during its debut the Man v. Food attracted more audience than any other program on Travel Channel), it also received a lot of criticism. Some internet bloggers and critics have noted that in contrast to its official description, the show does not include any informative content: it does not actually teach you anything about cooking or demonstrates the specifics of different cuisines. Instead, it kills the brain cells and encourages obesity. According to some commentators, in a country were obesity and fast-food culture already poses a serious threat to national health, such shows as Man v. Food should not be allowed to air on daytime television at all.
However, on behalf of Adam it has to be said that he is conscious about the effects of fast food and excessive eating. In order to maintain his health during the filming of Man v. Food, the actor used to exercise at least twice a day. He also tried to watch his calorie intake and temporarily became a vegetarian (except in front of the cameras). But did that actually help? Adam Richman weight gain is a proof that his efforts were not efficient enough. During the first three seasons of the show he gained some 40 extra pounds.

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