Aishwarya weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Aishwarya weight gain?

Aishwarya Rai is an Indian model and movie actress. She ascended to stardom in mid 1990s, as the winner of Miss India as well as Miss World pageants, and remained in the centre of media attention ever since. Aishwarya’s performances in Bollywood movies have garnered a number of accolades, including 2 IIFA Awards, 2 Screen Awards and 2 Filmfare Awards. More recently the internet, magazines and newspapers started buzzing about Aishwarya weight gain. The turmoil started in the early 2012, when Rai was snapped leaving the party held by the prominent businessman Mukesh Ambani. After the pictures were published, the internet commentators went crazy calling the former beauty queen fat and making jokes about her “double chin”, as well as “oodles of weight”.
The reason behind Aishwarya weight gain is actually pretty simple: the actress and model has gathered additional pounds while carrying her first baby. Rai’s daughter, Aaradhya, was born in November 2011. The father of child is Aishwaria’s husband, an Indian actor Abhishek Bachchan. The couple fell in love while filming the movie Dhoom 2 and engaged in early 2007. Aishwarya and Abhishek got married in spring of the same year, according to the traditional rites of the community, to which the bride belongs. Before meeting her current husband, Rai dated another Bollywood star, Salman Khan. The two parted ways in the early 2000s. Following their break-up Aishwarya has publicly blamed her ex-darling for physical, verbal and mental abuse, indignity and infidelity.
In the public Aishwarya weight gain was viewed ambiguously. Some has tried to defend Rai by noticing that additional weight is absolutely normal result of birth giving and predicted that like most of women the actress will need a several months to get back to her normal shape. However, this did not happen. Although almost two years have passed since the day the actress and model became a mother, she still carries some pregnancy weight. This is obvious no matter how carefully Rai is trying to hide under black closes and fully covered gowns.
Some internet commentators have been especially critical about Aishwarya weight gain, going as far as to claim that as a movie star and public person she has a “responsibility” and “duty” to stay fit and glamorous. Some have suggested that Rai should follow an example of such stars as Victoria Beckham, who comes back to the size zero within weeks after giving birth. Others have even predicted that without her beauty Rai’s professional career is doomed to end. What does the actress think about her weight herself? Aishwarya claims that it was never her goal to be size zero: every woman is beautiful in her own way and hollow cheeks are not a necessary attribute of beauty.

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Aishwarya weight gain Aishwarya weight gain