Amanda Bynes weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Amanda Bynes weight gain?

Amanda Bynes is an American starlet, who gained prominence appearing on Nickelodeon’s TV series The Amanda Show, as well as all that. Since then the young actress has starred on a number of movies, including She’s the Man, What a Girl Wants, Hairspray, Easy A and Sydney White. As the actress’ professional career seems to be slowing down, the tabloids are getting more interested in her personal “struggles”: Amanda Bynes weight gain and her legal issues.
Everyone who remembers Amanda back in the early 2000s, when she started filming for Nickelodeon series, knows that the actress was never particularly skinny. The starlet has gained dome additional weight as she transitioned into adulthood. One of the reasons behind Amanda Bynes weight gain might be her love for Italian food: the actress has expressed her passion for macaroni and parmesan more than once. In addition, it seems like she has a quite slow metabolism. The starlet has publicly complained that every meal she eats tends to stay on her hips, thus in order to keep in shape she has to spend hours sweating in a gym.
The public reaction to Amanda Bynes weight gain varied. Some have noted that an additional weight makes her look older, while the others commented that the actress looks sexier than ever. What Amanda thinks about her weight herself? This is the question quite hard to answer… Although it looks like Bynes shares each and every thought that visits her head on Twitter, her status updates are too contradictory to help us understand anything. On the one hand, it looks like the starlet is quite concerned about the recent changes in her figure. For example, just a little earlier this year she has expressed her dissatisfaction with her looks on Twitter, texting that she feels “pungy”. This is completely compatible with her other posts, in which the starlet names the plastic surgeries she plans to undergo in order to feel pretty. On the other hand, the same day Amanda posted a “selfie”, in which she’s posing in a mirror wearing a very revealing blouse and this is just one of the possible examples, as Bynes barely misses an occasion to demonstrate her curvy lines. Does a person who is deeply dissatisfied with her body would actually do that?
Whatever was her personal opinion on her body, it looks like the talks about Amanda Bynes weight gain have encouraged her for some changes. The actress has been trying to get rid of some weight for quite a long time now and her efforts are clearly giving results. Bynes already weights only 114 lbs and her goal is to lose 14 lbs more. We would wish her good luck if it was not for one problem- such a rapid and extreme weight lose is completely unhealthy!

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