Amanda Righetti weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Amanda Righetti weight gain?

Since the August of the previous year Amanda Righetti weight gain has caused a lot of speculations. Are you wondering who this woman is? Amanda is a famed film producer and actress, best known for the portrayal of Grace Van Pelt on popular TV series The Mentalist. She is also noted for her performance on The O.C., Reunion, Romy and Michelle: In the Beginning and Friday the 13th. Before turning her hand to acting, Amanda was a successful fashion model. She started her professional career at the age 15 and since then has worked with numerous famous designers and labels.
It is almost obvious that as an actress and model Amanda has always maintained a perfect figure. So what was the reason behind the recent Amanda Righetti weight gain? The actress simply got pregnant. She met her current husband, Jordan Alan, in the early 2000s and in 2006 exchanged rings with him. For those who do not know much about this man, Alan is an American television-commercial director and film producer, who worked on such movies as Kiss & Tell and The Gentleman Bandit. In January 2013 Amanda and Jordan welcomed their first son, Knox Addison Alan. Knowing that she is a newly-baked mom, Amanda Righetti weight gain seems perfectly normal. According to most of the doctors, the women of average weight are supposed to pack on at least 25 pounds while carrying a baby. The offspring, waters and placenta accounts for only part of this weight. The rest of extra-pounds consist of extra fat and blood, needed to take care of the baby.
Since the followers of The Mentalist learned that one of the main stars of the series is pregnant, there have been a lot of speculations about the future of her character and the show as a whole. Some of the fans have guessed that due to Amanda’s pregnancy the producers might have to change the plot. To be more particular, they might make Grace Van Pelt pregnant in order to make Righetti’s weight gain fit her character. However, this was not the best option, because at the time when Amanda announced the good news the detective Grace was not even involved with anybody. Thus the producers decided it would be best to use a popular trick and continue filming the series “around” Righetti’s belly.
As for today, more than half a year has passed since the day the actress gave birth to her baby boy and it already looks like Amanda Righetti weight gain will soon be a forgotten topic. The actress has led a healthy lifestyle since her teenage years: she has counted calories, avoided carbs and worked out every day. If she continues to keep up with such routine her pregnancy weight will be gone within a couple of months.

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