Anna Gunn weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Anna Gunn weight gain?

Anna Gunn is an American actress best known for the portrayal of Skyler White on hit television series Breaking Bad. The actress was born in New Mexico and latter attended Northwestern University. Her professional career started in the early 1990s, as Anna appeared on such movies as Moment of Truth: Caught in a Crossfire, Without Evidence, Someone I Had Known and Enemy of the State. During the 1990s and 2000s she has also featured on such television series as Quantum Leap, Seinfeld, NYPD Blue, ER, Miracles and Six Feet Under, but none of her roles received wider attention. In 2008 Gunn finally gained critical acclaim for her performance on Breaking Bad. However, her popularity among the TV viewers did not last long. As soon as the fourth season of show premiered on television, its fans started talking about Anna Gunn weight gain.
The production of the fourth season started in early January 2011, half a year before the first episode was aired on TV. As soon as Anna, who played Walter’s wife, appeared on the silver screens it was obvious that during the break she has changed more than anybody expected. The gossip spread that the actual reason behind Anna Gunn weight gain is her pregnancy. Some of the sharp-eyed fans have noticed that the producers are making tricks that are usually used to shoot around actresses, who are expecting a baby. For example, in the close-up scenes Skyler was usually wearing wide blouses and sweaters. In other cases part of her body was simply hidden behind the furniture.
What was the public opinion on Anna Gunn weight gain? Part of the viewers was extremely critical. There were comments almost too rude to repeat. Some have joked that the actress is so fat, that the cameraman has to use a wider angle lens in order to get all of her face on the screen. Due to the changes in her body Gunn was called “hippo”, “huge”, “grease”, “fat worthless being”, “fatass”, etc. The more “polite” commentators have noted that the changes in Skyler’s figure make her character look less realistic.
However, there were plenty of television viewers and bloggers who stressed the fact that Anna Gunn weight gain is by far less important than her acting abilities. They have confronted Anna’s critics by noting that people who tend to pay attention to actress’ physical appearance, rather than the quality of her performance, are simply ignorant and narrow-minded. According to them, the numerous nominations (for Saturn Award as the Best Actress on Television, Critic’s Choice television Awards for the Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series and Screen actors Guild Award, to mention a few) she has received during her tenure on Breaking Bad speak for themselves.

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Anna Gunn weight gain