Aubrey O’Day weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Aubrey O’Day weight gain?

The whole buzz around Aubrey O’Day weight gain started back in 2011. For those who do not know much about this starlet, here is a short overview of her professional career. Aubrey gained prominence in the mid 2000s, as the star of reality show Making the Band. Her participation on this project did not end well. In 2008 P Daddy kicked the singer out of the group Danity Kane and forced her to leave the show. Why? According to Daddy, O’Day was trying to pursue personal career at the expense of the band. To be more particular, she was constantly seeking to draw all the attention towards herself. One of her favorite means to achieve publicity was wearing overly revealing and often vulgar outfits.
You can say all sorts of bad stuff about Aubrey’s behavior in the late 2000s, but you cannot claim that back in the day this starlet was fat. In fact, her figure was pretty amazing. She was even invited to model for such magazines as Blender and Playboy. So what was the reason behind Aubrey O’Day weight gain? The starlet has publicly admitted that she is an “emotional eater”. That means that every time she feels sad or depressed, Aubrey rushed to the fridge. Eating distracts her from personal problems and helps her ease her mind. At least until the meal is over ant she has to face the same problems again. It is quite understandable that after being publicly criticized by P daddy and getting kicked out of the project Aubrey was feeling depressed more often than ever. Plus, as she was no longer filming for Making the Band Audrey had no motivation to watch her calorie intake as carefully as she used to.
It looks like Aubrey O’Day weight gain did not bother the starlet until she started filming for another reality show. All About Aubrey, the program that follows the singer as she struggles to establish herself as a solo artist, premiered on March 2011. The show has not lacked drama since the first day it was aired on Oxygen television. On the first episode Audrey’s personal choreographer suggested that in order to be successful she should shed at least ten pounds. The singer’s reaction to this comment went a bit over the top, to say the least. Instead of acting professionally O’Day started crying and explaining herself. She admitted having gained some weight since her days with Danity Kane, but it looks like in this case “some” might be a bit of underestimation. Judging by eye, the singer had packed on some 30 pounds. Obviously, Aubrey O’Day weight gain does bother her now: the starlet claimed she feels fat and is no longer confident of her body.

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