Avril Lavigne weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Avril Lavigne Weight Gain weight gain?

The first major scandal considering Avril weight gain broke out in 2009. Before we start digging into this topic, let us remind you of this Canadian singer’s professional achievements. Avril’s career took off quite early. By the time she was 16 the teenaged has signed the $2 million contract with Arista Records. Her debut album, entitled Led Go, reached the stores in June 2000 and was a major commercial success. Mostly due to the popularity of five hit singles, “Complicated”, “Skater Boy”, “I’m With You”, “Mobile” and “Losing Grip”. It hit Billboard 200 at No. 6 and stayed within Top 10 for almost 40 weeks. Based on the data published by Entertainment Weekly, by the end of the year Let Go has distributed nearly 4 million units. Avril’s success did not end with the release of her first album. As for the day this young singer has sold some thirty million albums and fifty million singles!
Those who remembered the way this starlet looked in the early 2000s were shocked to witness Avril Lavigne weight gain. Probably most of you have seen her early videos for the songs “Complicated” and “Skater Boy”. In these video clips Avril displayed the particularly slim, almost boyish figure, hidden under the baggy clothes that made her look even tinier. However, in the photos taken in spring 2009 the singer seemed to have full hips and a round, chubby face. Judging by eye, in April 2009 she was at least 15 pounds heavier than in the early 2000s. So what happened to the starlet in 2009? What was the reason behind Avril Lavigne weight gain?
According to some trustworthy sources, the singer has packed on some additional weight because of depression and emotional eating. What has embittered Avril’s life in 2009? In autumn of that year the singer announced that she has split with her husband and is planning to fail for divorce. Lavigne has known her now ex-husband, Deryck Whibley, since she was 17 years old. For those who do not know much about this guy, Deryck is a Canadian music producer, singer and vocalist, best known as a member of the band Sum 41. The couple got married in 2006, when Avril was 20 and her groom was 26. It is completely understandable that the realization that her marriage is doomed has caused Lavigne a serious depression. It is not surprising that during this period the singer had no enthusiasm to watch her weight too.
As for 2013, it seems like Avril Lavigne weight gain is already in the past. The starlet got rid of the extra pounds the year after her divorce. She has also lost a considerable amount of weight in preparation for her second marriage with Chad Kroeger.

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Avril Lavigne Weight Gain weight gain