Beyonce weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Beyonce weight gain?

The talks about Beyonce weight gain has been here and off since the beginning of her career in showbiz. For those who have not followed her professional career, here is some information. Beyonce’s multiple talents unfolded at an early age. Since her childhood the starlet has participated in the variety of singing and dancing competitions. In the late 1990s she ascended to stardom with a band Destiny’s Child. The group’s eponymous debut album, which reached the stores in 1998, enjoyed a major commercial success. Mostly due to the popularity of hits “No, No, No” and “With Me” the album remained on Billboard 200 for almost 27 weeks. In 2003 the singer has released her first solo album, entitled Dangerously in Love. It featured five international hits, “Me, Myself and I”, “Baby Boy”, “Crazy in Love”, “Naughty Girl” and “The Closer I Get To You”. After establishing herself as a singer Beyonce ventured into the movie industry. Some of her most prominent roles were in the films Dreamgirls and Cadillac Records.
Beyonce weight gain did not happen over a night. We all know that the owner of a powerful voice has never been particularly skinny. This is not to say that she was ever fat. Since the beginning of her professional career this singer has fascinated the male audience with her body, which combined both feminine curves and healthy muscles. If you compare her photos from the late 1990s with the ones take in, let’s say, 2010, it is obvious that the singer has packed on some additional pounds. However, Beyonce weight gain was has not been obvious until 2011. According to some sources, during the period 2011-2012 the singer has gained 57 pounds.
The reason behind Beyonce transformation was perfectly natural: she became pregnant. As you probably know, the father of her child was the famed rapper Jay-Z. Since the beginning of their romance the couple was very private about their relationship. However, it is known that Beyonce and Jay-Z have dated since the early 2000s. They got married in spring 2008. Again, the ceremony was hidden from the public eyes. In one of her recent interviews the singer has revealed that she and her husband tried to conceive right after their marriage. Sadly, her first pregnancy did not go well: the singer suffered a miscarriage. In 2011 Beyonce announced that she is expecting a baby once again. Her daughter, Ivy Blue Carter was born in January 2012.
Although Beyonce weight gain was perfectly normal, considering her pregnancy, we have to add that the singer has actually packed on more pounds than is usually recommended by doctors. Normally, a woman carrying a baby is expected to gain 25-35 pounds.

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Beyonce weight gain Beyonce weight gain