Blake Lively weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Blake Lively weight gain?

Since the summer of the previous year there was a huge buzz around Blake Lively weight gain. Just to remind you of this starlet, Blake is an American model, actress and fashion guru, who ascended to stardom performing as Serena van der Woodsen on hit teens television series Gossip Girl. Lively has also featured in a number of movies, including The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pant, Accepted, The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, Green Lantern, The Town and Savages.
Since the beginning of her professional career Blake was widely admired not only for her acting talent and taste for fashion, but also for her perfectly shaped body. Although the starlet has repeatedly stated that she does not put a lot of effort in maintaining her figure, she was never one of those women who do not care about their weight at all. Lively has admitted that she has always felt the pressure to stay slim and look good. Thus whenever she felt that her favorite jeans are getting a bit too tight for her, she would hit the gym. So what changes that took place in the mid-2012 might have caused Blake Lively weight gain? Did the starlet suddenly decide it is only inner beauty that actually matters? Or was it some kind of stress that caused her “emotional eating”?
Quite to the contrary, it seems like the actual reason behind Blake Lively weight gain was her cozy relationship with Ryan Reynolds. For those who have not heard much about this guy, Ryan is a Canadian television and film actor, best known for the roles in Two Guys and a Girl, Hillside, Blade: Trinit, Finder’s Fee, The Proposal, Definitely, Maybe and The Change-Up. Blake and Ryan got married in September of 2012. Even before their wedding the couple has purchased a house together and started planning the family. According to the anonymous informer, who did not declare his name, these plans have encouraged Blake to put on some weigh. The actress has quit drinking and started packing on extra-pounds in order to prepare her body for pregnancy. The same source has claimed that just like his partner, Ryan can’t wait to start a family. In fact, he claimed that her unwillingness to have children was the reason why the actor has divorced with his previous wife, Scarlett Johnson.
However, almost one year has passed since Blake and Ryan celebrated their marriage and there is still no news about pregnancy. There can be several ways to explain such state of affairs. It is possible that the couple is having some problems conceiving or simply decided to postpone it. However, it is just as likely that they have never planned to become parents right after their marriage and the actual reason behind Blake Lively weight gain was just their comfortable relationship. As you know, most of the woman tends to put on some weight when they are sure taht relationship will last despite of that.

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