Bryce Dallas weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Bryce Dallas weight gain?

Bryce Dallas Howard, a daughter of the famed movie director Ron Howard, is a successful movie actress, as well as writer and director. She made her film debut at the age of 8, appearing in her father’s movie Parenthood, and later had a variety of small roles on stage and in motion pictures. A breakthrough in Bryce’s professional career came up in the mid 2000s, as she was cast for The Village. She went on to appear in Lady in the Water and garnered a nomination for Golden Globe Award for her performance in a As You Like It. Soon after this later movie reached the cinemas, the buzz around Bryce Dallas weight gain overshadowed the talks about her professional achievements.
The reason behind Bryce Dallas weight gain was actually pretty simple: in 2006 she became pregnant for the first time. She met her husband and the father of her child, Seth Gabel, in the early 2000s while studying at New York University. For those who have not heard much about this guy, Gabel is also an actor, best known for his role as Lincoln Lee on TV series Fringe. Before meeting her future husband, Dallas has only had one boyfriend. The actress has claimed that her feelings for Seth were born the same moment she saw him. She also admitted that after their acquisition she has put quite a lot of effort in trying to seduce him. The couple got married in 2006, after five years in a relationship. Bryce and Seth did not plan having a baby until they both turn 30, at least. However, as the saying goes- man proposes, God disposes: the actress found herself pregnant within a week after their marriage.
The fact that the actress packed on a considerable amount of weight while carrying a baby is absolutely normal. While pregnant, all the women experience considerable changes in their body shape. In fact, most of them gain more weight than is actually necessary for the health of a baby. This happens due to the changed balance of hormones in their body. However, Bryce Dallas weight gain was not the biggest problem she faced after giving birth to her son, Theodore Norman Howard-Gebel. The woman suffered from a severe post-partum depression, which lasted for almost a year and a half. According to the actress and her family members, during this period Bryce was an absolute mess. She felt distant not only from her husband and newborn son, but also from herself. Eventually the actress managed to get over depression and regained her former figure. However, by 2012 Bryce Dallas weight gain was in the centre of media attention once again, as she became pregnant with a baby girl.

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Bryce Dallas weight gain Bryce Dallas weight gain