Candice Bergen weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Candice Bergen weight gain?

For quite a few years now there has been a buzz around Candice Bergen weight gain. But her professional career and personal life are actually not any less interesting. A real beauty since her childhood, Candice was elected both Miss University and Homecoming Queen while studying in Pensylvania. In 1966 she made her acting debut on the movie The Group and went on to appear on Live of Life, The Adventurers and The Magnus. Bergen gained critical acclaim for the performance in Burt Reynolds comedy film Starting Over. Her role in this movie garnered two prestigious nominations: for Golden Globe and Academy Award. Back in the day the actress was widely considered one of the most beautiful woman in the world and her perfect figure made Candice Bergen weight gain seem unlikely.
In 1980, already well into her thirties, Bergen got married to Louis Malle, who was fourteen years her senior. For those who do not know much about this man, Malle was an award-wining screenwriter, film director and producer, best known for such movies as Atlantic City, Au revoir, les enfants and My Dinner with Andre. In 1985 Candice gave birth to their one and only daughter, named Chloe. Needless to say, pregnancy caused a temporary Candice Bergen weight gain. However, the actress managed to get rid of the extra-pounds by following a strict workout routine and watching her calorie intake. In 1995, when Chloe was only 10 years old, Louis died from cancer, leaving his beloved with and daughter to mourn. It was five years later that Candice finally recovered after the death of her first husband and married Marshall Rose, a famed philanthropist and real estate magnate.
It was in the 2000s that the actress’ beauty started fading away in accelerating speed. At first her fans noticed that Candice has packed on some weight when she appeared on Sex and the City: The Movie. Years later the actress has revealed that in 2006 she suffered a minor stroke. Needless to say, health issues have restricted her ability to exercise and thus conditioned Candice Bergen weight gain. However, this negative body transformation was not the greatest problem induced by the stroke. The actress has admitted that since 2006 her memory has not been the same as it used to. Although during the last few years Bergen has dreamed about returning to the theatre, she was afraid to take a role. The actress could no longer trust her memory and feared that she might forget the lines and ruin both the play and her reputation. Eventually Candice has found enough courage to take a part on Broadway’s show The Best Man. As far as we now, everything went great!

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