Channing Tatum weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Channing Tatum weight gain?

During his career in Hollywood, the tabloids have shouted about Channing Tatum weight gain for more times than we could remember. But who is this actor with a rather unusual name? The future star was born in Alabama, in a family of German, Native American, Irish and French origin. Channing started his professional career as a model, working for such prominent brands as Armani, and later ventured into the movie industry. His most prominent roles were in the films Step Up, J.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra, 21 Jump Street, The Vow, Dear John, A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, She’s the Man and The Dilemma.
The fact that he was hired by Armani alone proves that in the beginning of his professional career Channing had a perfect figure. Those who’ve seen one of his movies filmed in the late 2000s, let’s say The Eagle, know that back in the day Tatum’s body couldn’t have brought a disgrace upon any Spartan solder or stripper. However, by the time he was promoting The Eagle, Channing Tatum weight gain was so stunning; it was hard to believe that it is the same actor who appears in one of the leading roles. There was a chubby, round-faced man sitting in the studio in Boston, while on the wall right behind his back was the promotional poster of the film portraying a slim-faced, muscular and toned man.
Yet again, by the end of 2012, when Magic Mike reached the cinemas, Channing Tatum weight gain seemed like a bad dream. In this Steven Soderbergh comedy-drama the actor starred as Mike Lane, a young stripper who stars at Xquisite Strip Club in order to pay the bills and gather some starting capital for his own business. In this role Channing was muscular, toned and tanned once again. If you add his talent for comedy, it is hard to imagine the actor who would have fit this part better.
These constant transformations pose a question: what is the reason behind his weight fluctuations? Why one day he looks like a stripper and on the second day Hollywood is stunned by Channing Tatum weight gain? As the actor has stated himself- he has “a fat kid trapped inside him”. Although in his movies Channing usually demonstrates a muscular body, he actually hates going to the gym and lifting weights. He also has a weakness for rich, greasy and often unhealthy food. Thus in between the films, when there is no rush to prepare for the new part, Tatum gets off the leach and allows himself to enjoy food, as well as skip training. As long as he manages to get back in shape before the shooting starts again, who could blame him?

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