Cheryl Burke weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Cheryl Burke weight gain?

Since the day she entered a popular show Dancing with the Stars, Cheryl Burke weight gain and loss was under the constant media scrutiny. Before we get back to this topic, let us briefly describe her life before the show. Burke was born and raised in California. Her mother originated from Filipinos, while her father’s ancestors were immigrants from Russia and Ireland. Since the age 4 Cheryl took ballet lessons and performed at local events. She later changed her focus to ballroom dancing and also trained at Latin dances. In 2002 she graduated from Mentlo-Atherton High School, receiving the city’s key from the mayor of Atherton for her achievements in dancing competitions.
In 2006 Burke ascended to stardom as a winner of popular television project Dancing with the Stars. Back in the day her figure was typical for the dancer: slim, fit and toned. However, in 2008 the audience of Dancing with the Stars was shocked as they witnessed a considerable Cheryl Burke weight gain. In fact, the starlet has later claimed that after seeing her own photos in the media she was just as shocked as the rest of America. This is not hard to believe- seeing our reflection in the mirror every day often renders us incapable of noticing changes in our bodies, until the difference becomes really dramatic.
The public reaction to Cheryl Burke weight gain dual. Some of the internet commentators were convinced that with some additional pounds the dancer looks more feminine and attractive than ever. However, not everyone was so kind for Burke. Some have claimed that she got too fat for television and should either start losing weight or withdraw from competition. How did Cheryl react to such criticism? Well, the show was already close to the middle of the season, so withdrawal was not an option. Crying in front of the cameras or spiting curses towards the critics would not have helped to. Thus Cheryl decided to arm with a smile and to try her best to win the competition.
The fact that she managed to hide her pain behind the brave face and continued dancing, does not mean that she did not feel hurt. Later in an interview Sheryl has admitted that after seeing all the articles criticizing her body she felt devastated and humiliated. On the bright side, it looks like the attacks on Cheryl Burke weight gain encouraged her to start taking a better care of her body. The singer started choosing her food more carefully and lost a considerable amount of pounds. However, during the years that followed her weight continued fluctuating. For example, during the several months between February and August 2011 she managed to pack on some 15 pounds.

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Cheryl Burke weight gain Cheryl Burke weight gain