Chris Pratt weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Chris Pratt weight gain?

The actor and comedian Chris Pratt (full name Christopher Michael Pratt) gained prominence appearing as Harold Brighton Abbott in TV series Everwood. You might also know him from such shows as The OC, in which Chris featured as Winchester Cook, as well as Parks and Recreation. His most prominent movies include Deep in the Valley, Take me Home Tonight, Moneyball, The Five-Year Engagement, Zero Dark Thirty and Jenifer’s Body. In 2012 this actor was cast for the comedy Delivery Man. That’s when Hollywood starred buzzing about an amazing Chris Pratt weight gain.
Delivery Man, a remake of French-Canadian movie Starbuck, is yet to be released in November 2013, but the DreamWorks studio has already publish some photos from the shooting. The comedy centers around the sperm donor (starred by Vince Vaughan), who finds out that due to some misunderstanding at the clinic he became a father to more than 500 children. As the kids grow, they set to dig out the identity of their illegitimate dad, but Vince’s character is not particularly willing to lose his anonymous status. The recent Chris Pratt weight gain was part of the preparation for this movie. To get the part of Brett the actor was asked to put on some 60 pounds. He completed this task in four months from June to December 2012.
Chris Pratt weight gain was later discussed in The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. When the host asked his guest how he managed to get so fat in such a short time, Chris was straightforward: “I was drinking and eating my face off”. According to the actor, in contrast to the popular believe, putting weight on is just as hard and painful as getting rid of it. While trying to gain the needed weight Pratt was eating everything what has got on his way, no matter how full he felt or how badly he wanted to puke. To get in his shoes for a moment you would have to remember how you felt after the Thanks Giving dinner last year and then imagine feeling this way 24/7 for four consecutive months. During the same interview Chris has claimed that once between the shootings of Parks and Recreation he ate 81 scoop of vanilla ice-cream.
Although this might have been one of the richest meals Pratt has had during his life, it was definitely not the weirdest one. The comedian has claimed that once in his childhood he ate a possum. “Possum’s no good”- he added while reminiscing this experience. As for August 2013, Chris Pratt weight gain is already in the past. The actor got rid of the additional pounds while preparing for the movie Guardians of the Galaxy.

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