Christina Hendricks weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Christina Hendricks weight gain?

Christina Hendricks, an American actress who gained prominence appearing as Joana Harris on hit television series Mad Man and Saffron on Firefly, was always admired not only for her acting talent, but also for her killer curves. Despite of Christina Hendricks weight gain, she is constantly named among the sexiest and most feminine actresses in the world. In 2010 Esquire magazine named her Best Looking American Woman.
Christina Hendricks weight gain is not particularly obvious for the naked eye. After all, the actress and former model was always admired for her full bust and hips. Those 15 lbs she has gained while staying in Italy have distributed through her body, without distorting her hour-glass proportions. The perfectly curvy starlet has repeatedly admitted she enjoys creamy food, enriched by various sauces. Christina has once joked that if she had to choose a meal for the last supper it would be chips with French onion dip. Every woman who has ever tried to lose some additional pounds knows that such snacks are incompatible with any diet. This weakness for “forbidden goods” was the actual reason behind Christina Hendricks weight gain.
How does the actress feel about her own body? Christina claims she loves her curvy lines. In fact, the actress has revealed that she felt even sexier in the past, when she was a little bit heavier. If she had her way, Hendricks would have kept those 15 pounds on her, however, the intensive life she leads in America melted them down. Although the actress claims to love her curves, it does not mean that the constant media preoccupation with her body does not make her anxious at all. While giving an interview to New York Magazine Christina revealed that negative comments do hurt her feelings. In fact, sometimes it does not even matter whether the comments frown at her face are rather positive, or negative- the constant talks about your body makes you overly self-conscious and nervous anyway.
Despite the tension created by the constant media attention, now, already 38 years old, Hendricks feels more beautiful than ever. What happened? Since the late 2000s, when the actress ascended to stardom with television series Mad Man the negative comments she receives have been completely overshadowed by compliments. She did not even try to hide her excitement after hearing that the biggest part of female respondents named her body type as their ideal. Why would the woman who already feels self-confident need recognition from the outside? For most of her professional career Christina Hendricks weight gain was the reason for criticism she received from her agents. Now for once in her life she can prove them that her figure seems admirable not only for some marginal part of man, but also for most of the women.

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