Claire Richards weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Claire Richards weight gain?

Claire Richards, a British singer, songwriter and dancer, ascended to stardom in the late 1990s, as the lead singer in Steps. Her decision to leave the band resulted in the Steps splitting up in 2001. Just a couple of years ago a reformed group went on a comeback tour and released their fourth studio album, entitled Light Up the World. All through her professional career Claire Richards weight gain and loss interested the audience just as much as her music.
For many years now, the starlet has had a reputation as yo-yo dieter. In fact, her weight issues have almost carved out an independent career, as her struggles with pounds have been documented in a series of DVDs and magazine articles. One of her videos, released in 2009, became the most commercially successful exercise DVD of the year. During the last 15 years Claire Hendricks weight gain has been in the centre of media attention for an impressive number of times, as her weight fluctuated from the clothing size 8 to 20.
In the past, Claire Hendricks weight gain has brought her a variety of personal dramas. Her eating disorders and self-confidence issues started when the future-singer was a teenager and got more acute as she joined the pop band Steps. In her autobiography, which reached the stores a year ago, the starlet revealed that while performing with the band she used various slimming pills, although it often made her feel dizzy. Hendricks also admitted that during different periods of her life she suffered from bulimia. In 2011, when the singer started filming for documentary series entitled Claire Hendricks: Slave for Food, her psychological condition was still pretty miserable.
The pain she was going through, reoccurring conviction that she is either mentally or physically ill, was the main motivating force that encouraged the star to get to the bottom of her ongoing weight battle. The cameras followed Claire as she visited psychologists, therapists, nutritionists and exercised with a personal trainer. However, according to the singer, the person who helped her most was a life coach. Ever since she ascended to stardom, Hendricks was obsessed with a public opinion. Whenever she gained an additional several pounds she was convinced that anybody in the street would notice that marginal change and think of her as a lazy and obese person.
The life coach helped Claire change her attitude towards a more positive and constructive direction. The singer has finally realized that as long as she does not hurt anybody, she doesn’t have to be concerned about what people talk. Although Claire Hendricks weight gain is still obvious (she is currently wearing size 16), she claims to be in a much happier place the she used to be when she was skinny.

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