copper IUD weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Copper Iud weight gain?

Although it is widely considered a reliable means of contraception, a lot of women are concerned about copper IUD weight gain. Before we start discussing this problem, let’s start with some general information about copper IUD. It is a T-shaped, plastic intrauterine birth control device wrapper in a chemical element named copper. In order to get copper IUD set in place, you will have to visit your gynecologist- trying to insert this device all by yourself would be highly dangerous. When placed in uterus, copper makes fallopian tubes produce specific fluids, which kill spermatozoids. This fluid consists of copper ions, white blood cells, prostaglandins and enzymes. The same copper IUD can be used 10 years. All you have to do is check whether it is still where it is supposed to be.
If there are some many talks about copper IUD weight gain, why this many woman still chose it as a means for birth control? Well first of all, as we have already mentioned it is widely regarded one of the most reliable contraception methods. According to the researches, only 6 women get pregnant over the first year after copper is placed in the uterus. Secondly, it is the most effective form of contraception that you can use in an emergency. And what do we mean by that? If you had an unexpected sex and were not using any means of birth control, you have five days to visit you gynecologist and get copper IUD set in place. This will decrease the chance that you will get pregnant to 0.09%. In situations like this, copper IUD is more effective than any hormonal “day-after” pills.
Another benefit of copper IUD is that it can be used up to 12 years. All you have to do to make sure it is still in place is feel the wire (which is also used by the doctor to remove the device). Needless to say, this is way more comfortable than getting a pill each and every day. Plus, according to the scholars that developed copper IUD the women get back to their normal fertility rates shortly after the device is removed from the uterus. This is important if you want a temporary solution for birth control, but are planning to have kids in the future.
Now let’s start digging into the topic of copper IUD weight gain. A lot of woman are afraid to use hormonal contraception (as pills or hormonal IUD, like Mirena), because they often cause weight fluctuation. As we have already mentioned, this specific devise works with a help of copper, thus it should not affect the balance of hormones or increase your appetite. However, it looks like the talks about copper IUD are not born out of the fin year. A lot of woman claim that they have gained about 5 pounds after having this device inserted.

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Copper Iud weight gain