Debra Messing weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Debra Messing weight gain?

Debra Messing, currently 44 years old, is an American actress, who gained prominence starring in such TV series as The Starter Wife, Smash and probably most importantly, Will & Grace. She started her professional career appearing in situation comedy Ned & Stacy and later was cast for ABC science-fiction series Pray. Following her breakthrough on television, Debra has featured on several movies, including Nothing Like Holidays, The Wedding Date and Along Came Polly. During her professional career, which now spans over more than two decades, the actress has earned a widespread critical acclaim, represented by six nominations for Emmy, eight for Screen Actors Guild Award and eight for Golden Globe. Despite her professional achievements, the headlines shouting about Debra Messing weight gain has often overshadowed the ones that centered on her career accomplishments.
The whole buzz around Debra Messing weight gain started in the mid 2000s. The reason she has put on some additional weight was nothing but natural- the actress got pregnant. She met Daniel Zelman, the father of her child in 1990, a day after they both graduated from New York University. For those who have not heard much about this guy, Daniel is also an actor, television producer, director and screenwriter. Despite his multiple career ambitions, he never managed to achieve the same professional success as Debra. The couple’s one and only son, Roman Walker Zelman, was born in 2004, four years after their wedding.
Debra Messing weight gain, which happened during her pregnancy, spurred loads of criticism directed towards the actress. It was not that the public did not expect her body to change while carrying the baby. The “problem” was that Debra did not manage to get rid of the extra-pounds fast enough after giving birth. The actress has publicly admitted that all the articles and photos that placed an accent on her chubby body have cost her a lot of nerves. Even now Messing remembers the days when she used to open a magazine only to find the photos of the famous mothers who managed to recapture their former figure in less than two months after their pregnancy on the one page, and her own photo on the other. She was “the loser” editors used to highlight impressive achievements of celebrities who were successful in their battle against pregnancy weight.
The hurtful tabloid headlines did not undermine Debra’s determination to regain her figure. In contrast, it has motivated her to exercise harder and to watch her calorie intake more carefully. Her efforts have finally brought some considerable results: in 2008 it seemed that Debra Messing weight gain will soon be forgotten- the actress looked just like she used to before pregnancy. However, as for 2013, it seems like Debra has regained most of her pre-diet weight.

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