Dianna Agron weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Dianna Agron weight gain?

For a brief period in this spring, the tabloids have been preoccupied with writing about Dianna Agron weight gain. Just to remind you of this starlet, Diana is a famed American writer, actress, director and dancer. She started her professional career in motion pictures appearing in minor roles in such films and television series as When a Stranger Calls, Close to Home, Drake & Josh and The Romantic. A breakthrough in Agron’s career came when she was cast for the role of Quinn Fabrey on cult musical comedy-drama program Glee. Her performance on these series has garnered her quite a few prestigious accolades. Some of the other Dianna’s prominent roles were in Veronica Mars, Heroes, The Hunters and I Am Number four. After establishing herself as a talented actress, Agron decided to try her hand at writing and directing. She debuted with a short movie, entitled A Fuchsia Elephant.
The whole buzz around Dianna Agron weight gain started in June of this year, when paparazzi coughed the starlet walking down the street in a short white dress. Following this, some of the internet commentators have noted that Dianna’s hips are a bit wider than it used to be. Plus, for them it looked like the starlet has developed a belly-bump. We might have to agree that during the previous winter Dianna has actually packed on a couple of pounds. However, in our opinion Dianna Argon weight gain was so insignificant, there was actually nothing to point at. Although she might be a bit curvier, that just makes her look more feminine than ever. And even if you are a fan of extremely fin female, who looks almost as if they were anorexic, you have to admit that Dianna is still miles away from being called fat!
Those who are concerned that their beloved actress might continue packing on weight should calm down. Although she no longer films for Glee, the actress still leads a healthy and active lifestyle that keeps unnecessary pounds away. Diana started dancing at the age of three and to this day it is one of her greatest hobbies. As you probably know, dancing is one of the most reliable ways to burn calories. Plus, the starlet loves walking, jogging and hiking. She usually takes her two dogs to keep her company while doing it. Argon also follows a healthy vegetarian diet, which consists mostly of fruits and vegetables.
By the way, while the tabloids were screaming about Dianna Argo weight, the starlet has actually had more serious problems on her mind. This July she has lost a good friend and former colleague, Cory Monteith. A 31 year old actor was found dead in his room in a hotel.

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Dianna Agron weight gain Dianna Agron weight gain