Emilie De Ravin weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Emilie De Ravin weight gain?

It was back in 2012 that the followers of Once Upon a Time first noticed Emilie De Ravin weight gain. For those who do not recall this actress, here are some remainders. Emilie landed her first major role in 1999; that year she was cast as The Demon Curupira on BeastMaster. Following this the young actress featured on 28 episodes of Roswell. In 2005 De Ravin debuted in movies with a film Brick. Since then she has featured on variety of motion pictures, including The Hills Have Eyes, Ball Don’t Lie, Public Enemy, Remember Me, The Chameleon and Love and Other Troubles. One of the most prominent characters created by Emilie was Claire Littleton from hit mystery television series Lost. Since 2012 the actress has been staring on yet another television series, Once Upon a Time.
It was in late 2012, just a month after the second season of Once Upon a Time premiered on television, that the whole buzz around Emilie de Ravin weight gain started. In these television series Emilie portrays Belle, a character derived from the traditional fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast”. The series are set in an imaginary town of Storybrook and follows the adventures of various fairy tales’ personages. Just like the rest of the characters of this show, Belle was hit by a powerful curse that erased her real memories, replaced them with the fake ones and transported her from the fairy tale into the “real world”.
If you compare Belle to the other character portrayed by this actress, for example Claire, Emilie de Ravin weight gain is actually noticeable. This is not surprising at all, having in mid that in Lost Emilie portrayed a young woman who found herself on the shore of the unknown island and like the rest of the group, which survived after the plane crash, had to survive on the limited amount of food they could find in the nature. Meanwhile, In Once Upon a Time De Ravin portrays a daughter of a wealthy merchant, who lived in a long-past. We have to remember that some three hundreds of years ago the standards of beauty were much different: to put it simple, skinny woman were not “in trend”. Thus it seems quite logical that in order to portray the character described in the original fairy tale the actress had to pack on some extra pounds.
Emilie de Ravin weight gain was not the only change that contributed in her general transformation. In this movie the actress often appears wearing luxurious, amazingly beautiful, intricate outfits. In addition, in order to fit this role Emilie has colored her hair from blond to dark brown and even reddish.

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