Eva Longoria weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Eva Longoria weight gain?

In 2008 her fans were shocked after witnessing Eva Longoria weight gain. This actress was born in Texas, in Mexican American family and made her television debut in 2000, appearing on one of the episodes of cult television series Beverly Hills, 90210. Following this, the Latin beauty had minor roles on several television series, such as General Hospital, The Young and the Restless and Dragnet. In the early 2000s she has also featured on the couple of movies: Snitch’s and Senorita Justice. A breakthrough in Eva’s professional career came up in 2004, as she was cast for hit television series Desperate Housewives.
In this show Longoria portrayed Gabrielle Solice, a former fashion super-model who moves out of the restless city to the suburbs, to start a family with her husband. Although Gabrielle eventually adjusts to the daily routine of Fairview, during the first few seasons she is still portrayed as a diva, demonstrating her perfectly shaped, toned body under extravagant and provocative dresses. Everything changes in the later seasons, when Eva’s character becomes a mother of two misbehaved and pretentious daughters. Depressed and barely having any time for herself, Gabrielle gains a considerable amount of weight and cuts off her beautiful hair. At first most of the TV viewers assumed that Eva Longoria weight gain was unavoidable in order to make her character look this realistic. There has been some guesses that in order to fit the part the actress has packed on at least 30 pounds.
However, it soon became clear that the audience was wrong. Eva Longoria weight gain actually was a necessary part of her preparation for the role. However, she only had to put on some 10 pounds and her clothes remained the same size. The rest was done with a make-up and padding. It is hard to tell whether the actress would have agreed to go through a radical transformation and pack on all the weight necessary for the part. Obviously, this would have been a tough decision. On the one hand, the role of Gabrielle has brought Eva international recognition and dropping it could have hurt her career. On the other hand, a real overweight could have also become an obstacle in her profession. As every woman knows, getting rid of the additional pounds is way harder than getting chubby.
Eva Longoria weight gain was barely noticeable for the naked eye even in 2008 and soon those 10 pounds she gained were gone. The actress lost a lot of weight as she went through a painful divorce with her former husband, basketball player Tony Parker. According to the actress, following a healthy diet and taking a good care of her body was her means of coping with a crippling depression.

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Eva Longoria weight gain Eva Longoria weight gain