Frankie Standford weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Frankie Standford weight gain?

Most recently the tabloids and internet commentators have been preoccupied with Frankie Standford weight gain. For those who do not know much about this American starlet, here is a short overview of her professional career. Frankie ascended to stardom with a group The Saturdays, as it has signed a record deal with Polydor and Fascination Records. The band has earned nationwide recognition with such singles as “What About Us” and released a series of commercially successful albums. Together with The Saturdays Standford has earned a number of prestigious accolades. In 2011 alone she garnered Band of the Year, Inspiration and Best Dressed Awards.
To sum it up, right until the recent year the starlet was used to receiving only positive media attention. However, in 2013 the internet commentators and bloggers started dishing about Frankie Stanford weight gain. Probably the biggest wave of criticism came after her performance at Summertime Ball. Following her appearance on the stage internet commentators launched a massive attack on the singer, calling her “massive”, “enormous” and “fat”. Some of them went as far as to suggest that looking like this Standford should not even appear in the public, let alone performing for the audience.
Such attacks seem especially cruel if you consider the fact that Frankie Standford weight gain is a result of pregnancy. In 2013 the singer started dating the football player Wayne Bridge, who is the father of her unborn baby. The couple announced about their engagement in April 2013 and the following month Frankie declared she is expecting her first baby. Needless to say that in such condition the transformation of Frankie’s body is absolutely normal. According to the nutrition specialist and doctors, every woman should gain at least 25 pounds while carrying a baby. In fact, the would-be mothers who used to be particularly skinny are recommended to gain up to 40 pounds.
Having this said, it is pretty clear that the whole scandal evolving around Frankie Standford weight gain is plain stupid. Plus, it is starting to look like the criticism might make a serious damage to the mental health of the mother. According to her friends, the negative comments reach Frankie despite her efforts to keep a distance from various online social networks and forums. The singer already suffers from the lack of confidence and is “devastated”. She feels like she is actually being judged for trying to do what’s best for her baby. This seems especially troubling having in mind that even before Frankie Standford weight gain became obvious the singer has suffered from major psychological issues. Standford has admitted that she has been battling with panic attacks depression since the age fifteen.

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