Gemma Ward weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Gemma Ward weight gain?

A famed Australian fashion model and an occasional actress Gemma Ward started her professional career at the age 14 and debuted on the Australian fashion week the following year. By the time she turned 16 Gemma made it to the cover of American Vogue magazine and secured the status of supermodel. The teenager has later appeared on the covers of Times and Teen Vogue. In 2007 a 20-year-old ventured into the movie industry and appeared on the movie The Black Balloon. Since then Ward has featured in two more films: The Strangers and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. In the late 2000s, shortly after the funereal of her then-boyfriend Heath Leger, Gemma Ward weight gain placed her right in the centre of media attention once again.
This was not the first time the supermodel faced such headlines as “The recent photos reveal Gemma Ward weight gain”. Her physical metamorphoses have already evoked a scandal in 2007, when a 20-year-old appeared on the catwalk wearing Chanel bikini, which uncovered her “curvy figure”. Back than one of the editors, let him remain anonymous, has publicly criticized the model calling her “unrecognizable”, “almost bloated” and “big”. Of course, from the point of view of “regular” people, who does not work in the fashion industry, the talks about Gemma Ward weight gain exaggerated the problem, to say the least. In fact, it probably created the problem where there was none of it. Judging by eye, back in the day Ward, who stands 5’10 ft tall, might have weighted up to 120 pounds. Is that actually a lot?
The “problem” reoccurred in 2009, when Gemma put on some 25 pounds, dooming herself for unpleasant attention once again. Some fashion journalists have claimed that staying skinny is her job and noted that models who “lose control” of their weight should not be hired for fashion shows. While most of the professionals criticized Gemma for putting on weight, the general public showed much more compassion. After all, Gemma is no longer a teenager. Most of the woman put on some additional weight and develop greater hips and breasts in their late teens. In order to avoid this most of the models resorts to the dangerous diets, exhausting training and even starving. But is that what we would wish for our friends and daughters?
Gemma Ward weight gain in the late 2010s is all the more understandable considering the pain she was going through. The supermodel met actor Heath Ledger in 2007. The couple has soon started dating and spent the following Christmas together. Less than a month after the holidays Ledger was found dead in his apartment. It is absolutely understandable that during that grievous period her calorie intake was the last thing on Gemma’s mind.

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