George Eads weight gain

So, what are the reasons of George Eads weight gain?

George Eads weight gain has been disturbing his fans for quite a while now. The famed American actor was born and raised in Texas, were he also earned a degree in marketing at Texas Tech University. Following his graduation the future-star moved to Los Angeles, were he was cast for prime time television series Savannah. George’s tenure on this soap opera was full of impressive twists. As it was planned in the scenario, the producers of Savannah killed Eads’ character in the first episode. However, the actor was so popular among the audience that they continued to use him his character via flashbacks. Eventually the same producers found a way to bring him back to the series as one of the major characters: George was cast to portray a twin brother of the poor bustard who got killed off in the beginning of soap opera.
In addition to Savannah, during the early years of his career Eads featured on such TV series as ER and Crowned and Dangerous. A real breakthrough in his career came up in 2000, when he started filming for hit television series CSI. Those who remember the actor from the first seasons of CSI knows that back in the day George Eads weight gain seemed unlikely, to say the least. For one thing, it simply did not fit his character. In these crime series the actor portrayed Nick Stokes, forensic scientist and detective. His character was so charming, a lot of female had to admit Nick is one of the reasons they chose CSI over romantic soap operas.
However, as the years went by, a good part of CSI followers have noticed that Nick Stokes appearance has changed since the beginning of the series. In addition to (more or less) normal signs of age, such as thinning hair, there were some considerable changes in the characters body shape. By 2008 George Eads weight gain became obvious even for those admirers, who were reluctant to admit that their beloved character is getting out of shape. One of the reasons behind this change were back pains, which limited the actor’s physical capability.
Even when everybody could finally agree that George is getting a bit chubby, the public opinion on his new looks was ambiguous. Some of his fans claimed they are no longer able to look on him with favor. The others have argued that even with a few extra pounds Eads looks hotter than 99% of man on this planet. In fact, in 2009, quite a while after George Eads weight gain became evident for the naked eye, the actor was named as one of the Sexiest Male Actors by TV Guide magazine. When you have such a wide base of admirers, who cares about what the scale shows?

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George Eads weight gain George Eads weight gain