Henstridge weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Henstridge weight gain?

Those who remembered the actress and model from the 1990s were shocked by Natasha Henstridge weight gain. Just to remind you of this starlet, Natasha ascended to stardom in 1995, after the cult movie Species reached the cinemas. In this film the young beauty portrayed Sil, a genetically engineered alien-human hybrid. Following this breakthrough Natasha has starred in variety of movies, including The Whole Nine Yards, It Had to Be You, The Whole Ten Yards, She Spies and Ghosts of Mars. She has also featured in television series Would Be Kings and The Secret Circle.
But why Natasha Henstridge weight gain was so surprising for Hollywood? Well, let’s start with the fact that before venturing into movie industry Natasha was a model. Plus, everyone got the chance to lay an eye on her body in the movie Species and there would be no exaggeration to say that back in the day it looked perfectly slim. For many years most of Henstridge’s colleagues and fans believed that her skinny figure is a gift of nature. In other words, they were convinced that the actress has inherited good genes that are responsible for her fast metabolism and perfect figure.
However, after the tabloids started writing about Natasha Henstridge weight gain, the actress decided to reveal the actual methods that had kept her slim. She has admitted that coping with the pressure to be size zero was not an easy task for her. Convinced that several additional pounds might actually ruin her professional career and unable to keep the weight off using standard methods (like exercising and watching calorie intake), the starlet has done some things she regrets. She used the pills that enhanced her energy in order to be able to exercise longer. Although back in the day when Natasha used those pills it was legal, they were later proved to have a long lasting negative effect on health and taken out of market. In addition, the actress has used some Chinese herbs that helped her lose weight.
As a 20-year-old Natasha did not even realize she was doing something wrong. Both the pills and Chinese herbs seemed like an innocent means that helped her keep in line with requirements applied in showbiz. Apparently, she could not have been more wrong. When Natasha finally realized it is time quit with medications and start leading a healthier lifestyle, she realized that the diets, pills and mysterious herbs have completely messed up her organism. Natasha Henstridge weight gain was unavoidable, as her metabolism became incredibly slow. Although she did not appreciate the changes in her weight, the actress was determined not to resort to her former methods again. Now she keeps her body-mass stable by counting calories and riding a bike.

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