Holly Valance weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Holly Valance weight gain?

The “scandal” concerning Holly Valance weight gain started in April 2012, when she was captured having dinner with Candy. In these photos the actress face was unusually full- it even looked like she has a double chin. Holly’s transformation seemed even more dramatic, as she was wearing unflattering horizontally-strapped sweater and white trousers. We will soon discuss Holly Valance weight gain in more detail, but before we do, let as remind you how she deserved all this public attention.
Holly gained prominence portraying Felicity Scully on popular Australian television series Neighbors. In 2002 she took a break from acting to concentrate on her music career. Her debut album Footprints was released by the end of the same year. Due to the general popularity of three singles, “Simarik”, “Down Boy” and “Naughty Girl”, the album enjoyed a considerable commercial success not only in Australia, but also in the United States and United Kingdom. In 2004 Holly returned to acting. Since then she has featured on variety of television series and movies, including Prison Break, CSI: New York, Pledge This!, DOA: Dead or Alive, Shark, Moonlight, Valentine and Miss Marple.
Those who have seen at least few of these TV series and films know that for most of her professional career Holly’s figure was worth jealousy. So what happened in 2012? What was the reason behind the sudden Holly Valance weight gain? It is most likely that the starlet started packing on weight after her engagement with luxury property developer Nick Candy. As you might have already noticed, not only the ordinary women tend to gain some additional weight after settling in a comfortable relationship. For example, an American singer Kelly Clarkson ballooned after diving into a serious relationship with her current husband.
Whatever caused Holly’s transformation in the beginning of 2012, the tabloids did not get the chance to criticize her for long. After seeing her unflattering photos in the media Valance decided it is time to pull herself together and lost a considerable amount of body mass. In the pictures she posted via her Twitter account in June of the same year, the starlet looked as slim and charming as ever. How did she manage to achieve this impressive result in such a short time? Holly was following the Clean & Lean diet, developed by James Duigan. This diet, especially popular among female celebrities, offers not only the eating plan, but the whole lifestyle overhaul. It is not particularly strict (a person on diet can still grab a piece of cake from time to time), but requires quite a lot of determination.
By the way, it looks like Holly Valance weight gain might return to the centre of media attention in the nearest future. The starlet is expecting her first baby!

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Holly Valance weight gain Holly Valance weight gain