January Jones weight gain

So, what are the reasons of January Jones weight gain?

January Kristen Jones, professionally known as January Jones, is an American model and actress, best known for her role in hit television series Mad Man. In this show January portrayed Betty Draper (a wife of Don Draper, the leading character), an extremely beautiful, but emotionally immature, selfish and cold woman. During the first three seasons of these series Betty struggles with her husband’s infidelity, parenting and depression. She later finds herself in love with Henry Francis and starts a love affair with this older man, as her first marriage falls apart. A buzz about January Jones weight gain started following the premier of 5th season, in which Betty appeared as unhappy, bored and fat woman.
At first, most of the fans believed that January Jones weight gain resulted from her real-life pregnancy. In autumn 2011 the actress gave birth to a son, Xander Dane Jones. The boy’s father remains unknown, as the actress refuses to name him. One of the “suspects” is Jason Sudeikis, an actor best known for his roles on The Cleveland Show, 3 Rock and Saturday Night Live. The couple met while working on this later show and started dating in 2010. They parted ways in 2011, the same year as Xander was born. Before meeting Sudeikis, January has dated an actor Ashton Kutcher and singer Josh Groban.
The actress’ fans breathed a sigh of relief as it became clear that the talks about January Jones weight gain had no solid grounds. Due to the healthy diet and intensive exercising the starlet managed to regain her former figure in a couple of months after her pregnancy. In fact, even while carrying her son January was not as fat as Betty in the fifth season of Mad Man. The producers believed that an additional weight would fit her character, as Betty resorts into “emotional eating” depressed by a growing distance between her and her second husband. However, they have never tried to force Jones into obesity. Instead, the prosthetic fat suit and make-up were used to create an illusion. Betty’s double chin and her neck fat, all of it were “glued” to her face. In order to shot the scene were the woman gets out of the shower, producers hired a double. The show’s make-up artists used the same trick in the first season, to make Peggy Olsen’s (another character portrayed by Elizabeth Moss) pregnancy look more realistic.
Although January Jones weight gain was staged, according to the actress it had a real-life positive effect on her professional skills. While wearing a prosthetic fat suit Jones was barely able to move. The actress had to meet the challenge to reflect Betty’s emotions only with her eyes and facial expressions.

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