Jared Leto weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Jared Leto weight gain?

During the last decade Jared Leto weight gain and loss have evoked public curiosity for a several times. For those who have not heard much about this guy, Jared is one of a relatively few American stars who are equally successful in both music and movie industries. He made his acting debut in the mid 1990s, appearing in teenage drama My So Called Life and went on to film for his first movie, How to Make an American Quit. Since then Leto has featured on variety of critically acclaimed and commercially successful movies, including Fight Club, Girl, Interrupted, The Red Thin Line, Panic Room, American Psycho, Lord of War, Lonely Hearts and Mr. Nobody.
As we have already mentioned, Jared Leto weight gain and his roles in films are not the only things that kept this artist in the centre of media attention. Leto is also a lead singer and the main songwriter for the popular band 30 seconds to Mars. He formed this band together with his brother Shannon Leto. In 2002, four years after the group was formed, the guys released their eponymous debut album. It received rather positive critical reviews, but was not as commercially successful as their second album, entitled A Beautiful Lie, which sold millions of copies and turned Leno into an international music star.
In order to uncover the reasons behind Jared Leno weight gain and loss, we have to return to his acting career. All these amazing body transformations that shocked the Hollywood and the fans of 30 Seconds to Mars started in the mid 2000s, when Leto was cast for Chapter 27. In this biographical film, which depicted the murder of music legend John Leno, Jared portrayed Mark David Chapman. This movie, based on jack Jones’s book Let Me Take You Down, reached the cinemas in 2007 and received mixed critical reviews. Eventually it gained a reputation as one of the most controversial movies released that year.
In order to get the leading role in this film, the actor had to become more than twice his normal size. What was the secret behind Jared Leto weight gain? His method was actually pretty simple. The actor stuffed his stomach with everything you should avoid while trying to lead a healthy lifestyle: pizzas, hamburgers, macaroni, ice-cream and so on. In addition, he used to drink pints of chocolate milk and olive oil mixture. Jared returned to his normal weight after the filming was over and went through another amazing body transformation in the early 2000s, as he was preparing for the role in a movie The Dallas Buyers Club. In preparation for his part as Rayon, the actor got rid of some 30 pounds. As for 2013, Leto is almost back to his normal weight of 160 pounds.

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Jared Leto weight gain Jared Leto weight gain