Jennifer Aniston weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Jennifer Aniston weight gain?

Since the early August of this year, when the actress participated in the premier of her new movie We Are the Millers, there have been a lot of speculations about Jennifer Aniston weight gain. Just to remind you of her professional achievements- Aniston made her television debut in 1990s, appearing on the series Molly. Since then this actress has featured on the impressive number of movies, including Marley & Me, The Break-Up, Along Came Polly, He’s Just Not That Into You, Bruce Almighty and The Bounty Hunter. However, despite the variety of movies she starred on, to this day Jennifer is best known as Rachel Green from the cult television series Friends. For her performance in this sitcom Jennifer has garnered some of the most prestigious television awards, including Screen Actors Guild Award, Golden Globe and Emmy.
But let’s get back to the topic of Jennifer Aniston weight gain. At first, when the photos of the actress wearing a tight gray dress appeared in the media, some tabloids made a guess that the reason behind the apparent Jennifer Aniston weight gain might be pregnancy. This was not the first time when the media started such speculations, however, it seemed like this time the gossips might actually have some solid grounds. After all, the actress has been dating Justin Theroux for more than two years now. In the early 2012 the couple bought a house together and announced about their engagement in the summer of same year. In addition, in the past Jenifer has mentioned that she would like to have kids. As the actress has already turned 44 and is finally in a happy relationship, it seemed reasonable to believe that she had finally decided to get pregnant.
However, just three days ago Aniston denied the rumors about her pregnancy. According to the actress, there is no big news to be announced: she simply packed on a couple of additional pounds. During the same interview she has claimed that the talks about her secret wedding with Justin, which were allegedly celebrated the previous weekend, were plucked out of the fin air. The couple has not got married yet. In fact, Jennifer has claimed that she and her fiancé have not even decided on the date of their wedding. According to some of the internet bloggers, this might signal that their relationship is not in such a great place as the actress tells.
Although nobody knows what is actually going on in her personal relationships, one thing we can say for sure. Although she has packed on some additional pounds, it is not likely that we will be witnessing a more significant Jennifer Aniston weight gain any time soon. The actress has a reputation for being especially disciplined in her exercising routine and taking a good care of her body.

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