Jennifer Lawrence weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Jennifer Lawrence weight gain?

She is one of the most awarded young actresses in Hollywood, but still, what evokes the highest curiosity of the tabloids is Jennifer Lawrence weight gain. This starlet gained prominence in 2007, appearing on The Bill Engvall Show. Following this Jennifer landed a major role in the independent Daniel Woodrell’s drama Winters Bone. Her role in this movie earned Lawrence a worldwide critical recognition and nominations for the most prestigious accolades, such as Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild Award, Independent Spirit Award and Satellite Award. Due to her impressive performance as Ree Dolly, Jennifer has also become the second-youngest Hollywood actress to be nominated for Oscar for Best Actress. She actually received an Academy Award two years later, for the performance in romantic comedy entitled Silver Linings Playbook.
The headlines shouting about Jennifer Lawrence weight gain has been here and off since the beginning of her career in Hollywood. This is actually pretty weird, having in mind that the actress has never been fat. To the contrary, Jennifer has a killer hour-glass shaped body, which drives crazy both her colleagues and her fans on the other side of the silver screens. Despite that, the actress claims that in Hollywood, were every single actress is expected to be slim as a stick, she is considered obese. According to Jennifer, sometimes she feels like the tabloids see her in the same way as the fallow actor Val Kilmer, who has some obvious problems with overweight.
Despite all the negative comments about Jennifer Lawrence weight gain, no matter whether it was real or imaginary, the actress claims that she is never going to resort to exhausting dieting just in order to fit some stupid standards. As for one reason, Lawrence realizes that she is a role model for many young girls. The actress is afraid that if she suddenly decided to get extremely skinny her fans might follow her lead and start starving themselves in order to look like their diva. Thus, although the actress watches her calorie intake and exercises regularly, she does that in order to make her body look fit, not fin.
Jennifer had a chance to prove that being slim is not the most important thing in her life, when the director of Silver Lining Playbook asked her to pack on some additional weight. According to the actress, she was absolutely glad to do that and did not even consider the possibility to refuse taking the role because of this requirement. Looking from the perspective and considering all the praises that the actress received for her role in this romantic comedy, her decision to chose a role over her perfectly slim waist seems pretty smart. Plus, judging from her appearance in the movie it does not look like Jennifer Lawrence weight gain was that significant.

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