Jennifer Love Hewitt weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Jennifer Love Hewitt weight gain?

The whole buzz around Jennifer Love Hewitt weight gain started in 2007, when the photos of clearly heavier actress appeared in the media. For those who do not recall who this Jennifer, here are some reminders. She ascended to stardom as a child, appearing on hit Disney’s series Kids Incorporated and expended her fan base as she was cast for the role of Sarah Reeves Merrin on Party of Five and Julie James on I Know What You Did the Last Summer. Following this Jennifer has featured on hit CBS’s program Ghost Whisperer and made an inspiring performance on television film The Client List. Her role in this later movie has even garnered Hewitt a nomination for Golden Globe.
Since the beginning of her professional career Jennifer was widely admired not only for her acting talent, but also for her slim, toned but feminine figure. So what happened to this actress in the second half of 2000s? What was the reason behind the sudden Jennifer Love Hewitt weight gain? As many woman, Jen started gaining weight after settling in a comfortable relationship. She met Ross McCall, best known for his role in miniseries Band of Brothers, in 2005. The couple started dating right away and got engaged after two years in a relationship. According to the couple’s friends, Ross’ proposal, which took place in Hawaii, was so romantic that she just could not say no to him.
Needless to say, after the engagement with her beloved man Jennifer felt like she was living a dream. The fact that tabloids and internet commentators were already dishing about Jennifer Love Hewitt weight gain could not ruin her mood. Although the scandal did not cause her a lot of nerves, after seeing her own photos in magazines the actress decided that the critics actually have a point: since the day Jennifer started dating Ross she has actually packed on quite a lot of weight. What did she do then? Instead of feeling sorry for herself and whining about her chubby body Jennifer decided it is time to pull herself together and get rid of the additional weight. Needless to say, shedding weight appeared to be much harder than gaining it: Hewitt had to reduce her calorie intake and intensified her exercising schedule. Her efforts did not go to waste: today, at the age 33, the actress looks better than ever.
However, it is safe to say that in the following few months we are definitely going to witness Jennifer Love Hewitt weight gain once again. The actress has recently announced that she and her fiancé are expecting a baby. As you might already know, during the pregnancy every woman of average weight is expected to pack on at least 25 pounds.

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