Jessica Simpson weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Jessica Simpson weight gain?

A famed American singer and fashion designer Jessica Simpson rose to prominence in the late 1990s. In 1999 she released her debut album, Sweet Kisses, which was eventually certified multi-platinum. Since then Jessica has released six more original CD’s: Irresistible, In the Skin, Rejoice: The Christmas Album, A Public Affair, Do You Know and one more holiday’s album- Happy Christmas. The latest of her original albums reached the stores almost three years ago. Since then the singer has been busy taking care of her new family. In June 2011 Jessica announced her engagement with National Football League player Eric Johnson. By the end of the same year Jessica Simpson weight gain left no doubts that she’s expecting a baby.
In May 2012 the singer gave birth to her first daughter, Maxwell Drew Johnson. As soon as her post-pregnancy photos were published, the internet started buzzing about Jessica Simpson weight gain. The young woman publicly admitted to have stopped watching her calorie intake right since the day she learned she is going to become a mother. Like in many cases, her behavior was partly encouraged by the common myth that the expecting woman has “to eat for two”. Plus, the singer did not want to spoil the joy of expecting her first baby by worrying about the shape of her waist. Avoiding bad news, Jessica has never asked doctor how many pounds she has added or looked at the scale. When she finally gave birth to Maxwell, the she had to admit that her body has changed unrecognizably. The scale of Jessica Simpson weight gain has also contravened with doctors’ recommendations.
After facing the sad truth about her weight Jessica has changed her life completely: she joined Weight Watcher’s program “I’m Only Human and I Did It”, started watching her calorie intake and exercising. Keeping up with this program, the singer has managed to lose almost 60 pounds. However, almost as soon as Jessica has announced her victory against overweight, she became pregnant once again. This time Jessica was determined not to repeat her old mistakes and to continue watching her weight all through her pregnancy. She has kept her promise to herself: two months after giving birth to her son, Ace Knut Johnson, Simpson looks much fitter than she did a year ago.
With her second baby, Jessica Simpson weight gain was not that dramatic. At least partly this resulted from the change in her attitude: the singer was less anxious and felt less tempted to use food as the means of relaxing. Although it will still take some time before she regains her former curves, this time it will be easier. She will only have to get rid of half the weight she did after giving birth to Maxwell.

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