Jonah Hill weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Jonah Hill weight gain?

The actor, comedian, screenwriter and producer, known as Jonah Hill (full name Jonah Hill Feldstein) made his movie debut in 2004, appearing on I Heart Huckabees and gained recognition in 2007, portraying Seth on comedy Superbad. Since then he has featured on a variety of films, including The 40 Year Old Virgin, Click, Grandma’s Boy, Knocked-Up, Nigh at the Museum 2, The Invention of Lying and Django Unchained. One of his most critically acclaimed roles was on Bennett Miller’s biographical sports drama Moneyball. While preparing for the portrayal of Billy Beane’s assistant GM Peter Brand in this movie, Jonah has lost nearly 40 pounds. However, within a year Jonah Hill weight gain was one of the hottest topics in Hollywood.
In the mid 2000s, when Jonah ascended to stardom, he already had an obvious overweight. You probably remember his oval-shaped figure from such teens’ favorites as Accepted and 10 Items or Less. Jonah Hill weight gain was not something that happened during a year. The actor was chubby since his childhood in California, were he was raised by his parents Sharon and Richard. Hill’s figure started to change in 2010, as he was cast for Superbad. In order to prepare for this role he got rid of some 40 pounds. A heightened media attention was a side effect, as the journalists aspired to unfold the secret that helped Hill to get rid of overweight. Although there has been variety of weird speculations about his weight loss methods (for example, some have claimed that Brad Pitt who starred in Moneyball has served as Jonah’s personal trainer), most of them appeared to be false. According to the actor himself, the change in his body shape resulted from exercising and following the nutritionist’s advices.
Unfortunately for him, within a year after Moneyball’s release the headlines started shouting about Jonah Hill weight gain. By the end of 2012 the actor looked just the same way he used to. Some have guessed that the actor might have put this weight on purpose, in order to prepare for the new role. However, this does not seem like the best explanation available, as neither of his two following roles, as Morton Schmidt in 21 Jump Street nor Franklin in The Watch, have actually required this. So what the true reasons behind Jonah Hill weight gain might be? During one of the interviews given a couple of years ago the actor has revealed that the greatest obstacle in his way toward the healthier body is bear. As you might already know this particular drink, full of calories, is incompatible with any diet. Apparently, any diet that excludes beer is incompatible with Hill’s lifestyle.

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