Juliana Hough weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Juliana Hough weight gain?

Juliana Hough is an American country music singer, professional ballroom dancer and actress. As a dancer, she ascended to stardom after joining a popular television project Dancing with the Stars. Juliana and her partners won this dancing competition twice. The year 2007 was especially fortunate in Hough’s professional career. Not only she was nominated for a prestigious award, Creative Arts Primetime Emmy, she also landed a recording contract with Mercury Nashville Records. Her eponymous debut album, which reached the stores the following year, hit Billboard 200 at no. 3 and went on to sell over 300 thousand copies. Although the starlet was used to receiving only positive media attention, in the late 2012 the buzz started twirling around Juliana Hough weight gain.
As it often happens, as soon as some paparazzi noticed that the dancer and singer has put on some additional weight, the tabloids started guessing that she might be pregnant. This seemed quite a likely explanation, as since the spring 2010 Juliana has been dating an American television host and radio personality, Ryan Seacrest. However, the actual reason behind Juliana Hough weight gain was less sensational. Her weight started to grow after she stopped participating in Dancing with the Stars. While in this project, the starlet used to spend up to 8 hours per day either rehearsing for the competition or shooting it. Needless to say, under such circumstances Juliana Hough weight gain was hardly possible. In fact, while participating in this show the dancer used to weight only 102 pounds and it was all muscle.
Juliana gained some 20 lbs as soon as the project was over, but that does not mean the changes in her body shape resulted from laziness and fascination with fast food. As the starlet has noted, what keeps her motivated to lead a healthy lifestyle is her dreams: she wants to have kids and live long enough to raise them. Hough realizes that overweight and related heart problems might stand in her way towards achieving these goals. Thus, although like most of the woman Juliana hates sweating in a gym, she continues to exercise up to five times per week. She usually starts her training by doing half an hour of cardio exercises, like working on elliptical trainer or stationary bike, and then continues with some weight-lifting. When the starlet is not in the mood for going to the gym, she does some jogging in the local park.
It would be reasonable to believe that if she continues keep up with such schedule, Juliana Hough weight gain will soon sink into the past. In fact, it looks like she has already managed to get rid of most of extra-pounds. Snapped in a beach in Florida this April Juliana looked much slimmer than she did in winter.

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