Kat Dennings weight

So, what are the reasons of Kat Dennings weight gain?

The talks about Kat Dennings weight gain started almost as soon as this actress gained prominence appearing on one of the episodes of hit television series Sex and the City. Since then this actress, unforgettable for her curvy lines, if not for her excellent performance, has featured in variety of movies, including Big Momma’s House Two, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Raise Your Voice, Charlie Bartlett, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, The House Bunny and Thor.
The talks about Kat Dennings weight gain intensified in 2011, as she landed a starring role on CBS’s situation comedy 2 Broke Girls. Although her performance on these TV series was widely praised by both critics and general audience, since the day 2 Broke Girls premiered on CBS, some of the internet commentators started calling for the starlet to lose at least 10 pounds. Quite a few popular bloggers went as far as to call her “massive” and “fat”.
Of course, this was not the only opinion expressed on the internet. Some of her fans stood up to defend the actress, claiming that she looks way better and hotter than most of the “anorexic” Hollywood stars. They have also noted that most of the audience and even fellow Hollywood celebrities are applying double standards over woman and man. Whenever some male celebrity puts on some additional weight the public reacts politely and even tries to defend the actor by claiming that this way he looks “manlier”, “stronger”, etc. Meanwhile, the female celebrities are fiercely criticized for exactly the same thing.
Some of the female bloggers were actually outraged after seeing all the criticism that centered on Kat Dennings weight gain. In their opinion, the critics are basically presenting such starlets with an ultimatum: you either lose some weight to fall in line with a dominant concept of beauty or get out of the showbiz. According to them, the existence of actresses who do not meet such a narrow beauty standards is absolutely vital, as it reminds the audience that not every single woman is able or willing to comply with the ridiculous requirements raised for female body. Such commentators are also convinced that the presence of such actresses as Kat is a useful reminder that a woman can be attractive, sexy and simply gorgeous even though she does not fit into the sample size.
But what was the exact Kat Dennings weight gain that started this entire buzz? This is a question nobody can answer for sure. The starlet barely talks about her weight in interviews and has developed an impressive skill at hiding the additional pounds. In situation like this, all we can do is try to guess. Judging by eye, in 2010 Dennings weighted some 140 lbs. It looks like since the she has become 20 lbs heavier.

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