Kate Middleton weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Kate Middleton weight gain?

While during the last several months all the media has been going crazy writing about the British royal family, some of the bloggers, magazines and tabloids were concentrating on a bit narrower topic- Kate Middleton weight gain. Middleton was born in Chapel Row, Berkshire and raised in the same small village. As everyone knows, since 2011 she has been the wife of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge.
There would be hard to find a person who does not know the reason behind the resent Kate Middleton weight gain. Yes, since the late 2012 the duchess has been pregnant with the boy who is expected to take over the British throne sometime in the future. Kate and Prince William, the second person in the line of succession to the throne, met in 2001, while studying at University of St. Andrews and started dating the following year. The journalists and paparazzi have been following the couple ever since. William was used to media attention and barely noticed the photographers behind him. In contrast, Middleton, who did not interest the journalists right until the early 2000s, felt extremely uncomfortable in their presence. In 2005 she even failed a complaint about the harassment from media workers, stating that she is not a public person and thus has an absolute right to privacy.
During the rest of 2000s the relationship between Kate and William was quite bumpy. In 2007 a considerable scandal broke out, as The Sun and later BBC have announced that the couple had decided to go separate ways. According to “a close friend”, who decided not to declare his name, there were several reasons behind their break-up. To mention a couple of them- Middleton felt jealous, as the Prince was spending a lot of time in the company of other young and beautiful woman. Plus, Kate was tired of waiting for William to propose, while he claimed not to be ready for marriage.
The couple finally got engaged in the late 2010, during their trip to Kenya. They got married in a wonderful ceremony in Westminster Abbey, which was held in spring 2011. More than a year later Kate gave birth to a boy, who was later named George Alexander Louis. During the first few months of her pregnancy, Kate Middleton weight gain was so minor, that it was hard to notice she is pregnant at all. Even when the duchess entered third semester, the only thing that signaled about her pregnancy was a belly while the rest of her body remained unchanged. This encouraged the gossip that Kate Middleton weight gain is insufficient and that it might have a negative effect on baby’s development. However, the doctors confirmed such talks had no grounds in medicine.

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