Kate Perry weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Kate Perry weight gain?

Kate Perry (real name Katherine Elizabeth Hudson) is a pop-diva, best known as the performer of such international hits as “I Kissed a Girl”, “Thinking of You”, “Hot and Cold”, “Teenage Dream”, “California Gurls”, “Last Friday Night” and “Fireworks”. According to Billboard magazine, with revenues of $11 million in 2011 alone, Kate is one of the top moneymakers in the music industry. The same magazine named her Woman of the Year in 2012. Since the beginnings of her professional career this starlet has received a number of prestigious nominations, including 9 for Grammies. Although up till now the singer has received mostly positive attention, just recently the internet commentators and bloggers started pointing out at Kate Perry weight gain.
It all started in January, when one of the websites published photos of Kate jogging in the street. In those pictures the starlet was wearing sport-leggings, emphasizing her apparently fuller hips. Soon an unnamed source, who called himself singer’s personal friend, informed the media that Kate Perry weight gain was the dominant reason behind her recent break-up. Since the summer 2012 the starlet has been in a bumpy relationship with John Mayer, an award-winning singer and songwriter, best known for such singles as “Your Body Is a Wonderland” and “Waiting on the World to Change”. Before meeting John, Kate has dated such showbiz stars as Matt Thiessen, Justin York, Travie McCoy, John Travis and was briefly married to British comedian Russell Brand.
But did “the source” actually suggested that Kate Perry weight gain was the reason why John Mayer, widely regarded as one of the most romantic singers, walked away on her? Apparently, no. It looks like Perry was the one who put their relationship to an end after John has made some negative remarks regarding the recent changes in her body. It’s hard to believe that the comments were even rude, as the singer’s weight gain is hard to spot by the naked eye. However, it was enough for Perry to get insulted. Kate’s reaction to her boyfriend’s comments became a good bite for internet commentators. Some of them have judged John for making unreasonable requirements, called him “shallow” and claimed that such a bustard does not deserve to be loved. The others laughed at Perry for inability to take constructive criticism and acting like a teenager.
Whatever were the actual reasons and consequences of Kate Perry weight gain, it seems like the additional pounds she gained during the winter are already gone. Perry got rid of the extra pounds by following a strict diet, which consists of five small meals per day, and exercising five times per week. According to her twitter page, Perry also uses various food supplements and vitamins, which keep her healthy and full of energy.

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