Kate Upton weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Kate Upton weight gain?

Kate Upton (full name Katherine Unton) is an American model, best known from the covers of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Although the starlet is only 21 old, she has already appeared on the covers of this magazine twice, two years in a row. Besides Kate, only 9 models have taken this prestigious spot more than once. Looking from the perspective, it seems like Upton ascended to stardom over the night, after signing a contract with Guess. The same year she was named “Rookie of the Year” in modeling business. Although her star is still on the rise, a number of articles on the topic of Kate Upton weight gain has already been written.
The whole buzz about Kate Upton weight gain has started quite recently, when Kate participated in a shooting in Antarctica. A few days later one of the internet websites published a couple of photos taken on the same day, while the model was wearing the same swimsuit. One was clearly unprofessional, probably made by paparazzi and the second was already photoshoped and prepared for the magazines. The difference between the two pictures was hard to exaggerate. The first of them showed a young woman with overweight and somewhat soggy body. In the second one you could see Kate as usual: curvy, but pretty slim, demonstrating a toned tummy and hips.
The discussions about Kate Uptown weight gain that started shortly after were quite heated. Some have guessed that since the beginning of her career the model has put on some 20 pounds and claimed that for the woman in showbiz such lack of self control is almost unforgivable. In addition to being called fat, Kate was criticized on behalf of the photographers who have to work with her. Some internet bloggers have pointed out that the model who shows up at the shoot carrying an obvious additional weight leaves photographers with no other choice but to spend hours trying to find the most flattering angle and then working on a Photoshop. The others have argued that even with a little extra-weight Upton looks just perfect without retouching the pictures. According to them, the photographers who choose to use Photoshop anyway are actually the ones worth criticism, as they are encouraging unrealistic stereotypes and expectations towards women. Among those who spoke out to defend Upton were two fellow bikini models, Alyssa Miller and Christy Teigen.
No matter what people talk, it seems like Kate Upton weight gain does not bother her. Once in an interview the model noted that everyone has the right to form their own opinion, thus she does not expect to be beautiful to every single person. Kate claimed that as long as her weight does not stand in the way of her career, she is not going to get rid of a single pound.

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