Keanu Reeves weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Keanu Reeves weight gain?

The whole scandal concerning Keanu Reeves weight gain broke out this spring, when the actor was captured on the boat during the festival in Canes. Before we start digging into the topic of Keanu’s transformation, let us remind you of his professional achievements. Keanu started acting as a kid, when he was cast for television series Damn Yankees and went on to appear of variety of projects, including comedy series Hangin’ In, stage play Wolfboy, youth program Going Great and some television commercials. A real breakthrough in Reeves’ professional career came up in 1989, when he appeared on hit comedy film Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Since then Keanu has appeared in variety of movies. One of his most prominent roles was in blockbuster film series Matrix, in which Keanu portrayed Neo.
If you have seen him performing in any of these films mentioned above, you know that overweight was never his problem. Despite that, after seeing Keanu’s photos taken this spring we cannot negotiate with those who claim that the actor is getting pretty chubby. We are not saying that his transformation is worth such headlines as “Keanu Reeves weight gain has left his fans jar-opened”, “Bloated Keanu’s Shock Weight Gain” (The Sun), “Is That You, Keanu?” (The Daily Mail) or “Keanu Reeves Looks Bloated” (, but he has definitely got heavier.
So what might be the reasons behind the recent Keanu Reeves weight gain? Some of the bloggers and internet commentators have tried to put the blame on crippling depression. As we all know, Keanu’s personal life has not been easy. In the late 1990s Keanu and his then-girlfriend, production assistant and struggling actress Jennifer Syme, has received some joyful news: the doctors claimed that they are about to become parents. To their greatest pain, in 1999 Syme gave birth to a stillborn daughter. As if it was not enough, two years later Keanu has lost his girlfriend too. In 2001 Jennifer died in a car accident.
Nobody could have blamed him, if after suffering this loss Keanu sank into depression, lost his willingness to work and gained some weight. However, that is not what happened. After taking some time out to deal with his loss, Keanu returned to the shooting and used work as a means to cope with sadness. Even if he was suffering from depression, this did not have any consequinces on his weight. In The Matrix Reloaded Keanu looked just as fit and toned as in his earlier movies. Thus it is more likely that the actual reason behind Keanu Reeves weight gain might be alcohol. According to some tabloids, this spring the actor has been partying a lot.

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Keanu Reeves weight gain Keanu Reeves weight gain