Keely Shaye Smith weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Keely Shaye Smith weight gain?

Keely Shaye Smith is a famed American, journalist, television correspondent an author. Her professional career took off in the mid 1990s, as she started working as a correspondent for NBC’s hit show Unsolved Mysteries. Smith went on to work on such programs as Entertainment Tonight, Today Show and featured on television series General Hospital. For the wider audience Keely is known as a wife of an actor Pierce Brosnan, who ascended to stardom with such movies as Mrs. Doubtfire, The Fourth Protocol, James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing, The Thomas Crown Affair and the Ghost Fighter. Since the beginning of her career Keely Shaye Smith weight gain was discussed in the media as often as her professional achievements.
Keely and her beloved husband Pierce Prosnan met in 1994, while spending holidays in one of the Mexican beach resorts. Back in the day when the famed Hollywood actor met his future wife, her body matched the all the common standards and Keely Shaye Smith weight gain seemed an unlikely perspective, to say the least. There is a famous picture of a young Smith, kneeling next to her husband on the beach, wearing a bikini that uncovers her tanned, perfectly toned body and a waist of a wasp. The couple got married in 2001 and is currently raising two kids, Paris and Dylan. During the years this couple has spent together, the photos of Pierce and his curvy wife decorated the covers of numerous magazines.
The photographers who continued to follow the couple since the day they have met have also documented Keely Shaye Smith weight gain. If you compare her most recent photos with the ones taken back in the 1990s, it is actually hard to believe that the woman in them is the same. Of course, it is important to remember that almost 20 years have passed since the day Pierce and Keely has seen each other for the first time. But even 60 years could have hardly changed Smith more than some 60 pounds she gained.
This dramatic change did not happen over a year or so. Keely’s weight has been gradually growing since the mid 1990s. She was already quite chubby on her wedding day. Her weight continued to grow as Smith gave birth to her two kids. To the greatest envy of women who lack self-confidence because of the few extra pounds they carry, Keely Shaye Smith weight gain does not seem to bother her at all. The women feels perfectly happy with her body, as well as her life in general, and jokes that she is simply too old to compete for attention or try to look good in order to please the people she does not even know.

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