Kelly Brook weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Kelly Brook weight gain?

Kelly Brook, formerly known as Kelly Ann Parsons, is a model, entrepreneur and actress from England. Her modeling career began when a 16-year-old won a local beauty pageant. Following this Kelly has appeared on variety of advertisements, including the ones for Renault Megane, Foster’s Lager, Bravissimo, Piz Buin and Walker’s Crisps. She has also posed for such magazines as FHM, Playboy, GQ and Loaded. Since she was 18 years old Brook has also worked as television presenter and host for such shows as The Big Breakfast and celebrity Love Island. Since 2007 the starlet has featured on reality television programs Strictly Come Dancing, Dirty dancing: Time of Your Life and Britain’s Got Talent. Just recently the headlines screaming about Kelly Brook weight gain has overshadowed all the other articles that centers on her life and career.
The whole buzz started this summer, when photos of half-naked Brook getting tanned on the beach appeared on the internet. Following this Kelly Brook weight gain became one of the hottest topics on the internet. The sharp-tongued commentators have sneered at the model, writing that anyone who calls Kelly “curvy” or “saggy” must be confusing these words with “fat” and “jelly-belly”. Some of them went as far as to claim that Brook “looks gross”. The talks about Kelly Brook weight gain is not born out of a fin air. The pictures taken in Miami earlier this year clearly shows that the model has developed a solid paunch.
According to those who followed the model’s personal dramas, her weight started to grow following the painful brake up with Tom Evans, a former Scottish international rugby union player and an occasional model. The couple started dating in 2010 and together conceived a baby girl, who was born in spring 2011. Early in the previous winter Kelly announced that she and the father of her baby have decided to go separate ways. Needless to say, this period of life was particularly hard for the model. Overwhelmed with sadness, she stopped watching her calorie intake. Brook has also admitted that right after her break up she used alcohol as the means to cope with the stress and as you know, booze is no friend of the figure.
As for the day, it seems like Kaley has already managed to get over her former lover. According to the Daily Mirror, she has recently started dating another famed athlete, Daniel Jarome Cipriani. Although the model is not willing to talk about her new relationship yet, she claims to be in a much happier place than she was in the beginning of year. Judging from the most recent photos, Kelly Brook weight gain will soon be a forgotten topic. She already looks as slim and healthy as before.

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