Kelly Lebrock weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Kelly Lebrock weight gain?

Since the second half of 2000s the world has witnessed a gradual Kelly Lebrock weight gain. For those who do not know much about this 20th century super-star, Kelly started her professional career as a model at the age 16. During the following years she has appeared on hundreds or maybe thousands of fashion spreads and magazine covers, becoming one of the most popular Eileen Ford’s models. In the mid 1980s Lebrock turned her hand to movie industry and was cast for such films as The Woman in Red, Weird Science, Betrayal of the Dove, Wrongfully Accused, Zerophilia, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Gamers: The Movie.
The story of her personal life is not any less interesting than the topic of Kelly Lebrock weight gain. The famed actress and model has been married three times. Her first husband was a restaurateur and movie producer Victor Drai. Their divorce was finalized in 1986, two years after their wedding, and the following year the starlet exchanged rings with Steven Seagal. For those who happen not to know much about this Hollywood legend, Steven is a famed actor, martial artist, producer, writer and guitarist. His most prominent roles were in the movies Above the Law, Under Siege, Under the Siege 2: Dark Territory, Half Past Dead and Exit Wounds. Together Steven and Kelly have conceived three kids- Analiza, Dominic and Arissa- before their marriage ended in 1996. In 2007 Lebrock got married to Fred Steck, a retired investment banker.
But let’s return to the question of Kelly Lebrock weight gain. From the mid 1970s, when the model entered showbiz, to the late 1980s her body was absolutely perfect: curvy, fit and toned. This has gradually started to change when Kelly created a family and gave birth to her first child. As we have already mentioned, after the birth of Analiza two more kids have followed and by 1993 Lebrock was a mother of three. The fact that during these years Kelly has packed on some additional weight is not surprising at all, as most of the woman go through considerable body transformations after becoming mothers. However, the actress has gained a bit more weight than would be recommended by doctors.
In 2005 the former actress and model entered a reality show entitled Celebrity Fit Club, were she became a leader after dropping more than 30lbs in 14 weeks. Kelly has later admitted that in order to achieve this goal she has starved herself and followed an exhausting workout routine, that included exercising twice a day. As for 2013, Kelly Lebrock weight gain is obvious once again. As it usually happens after an exhausting diet, she regained most of the pounds she shed during the first couple of months.

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Kelly Lebrock weight gain Kelly Lebrock weight gain