Kesha weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Kesha weight gain?

Kesha, a singer and songwriter who ascended to stardom in the late 2000s, used to be known not only for her music, but also for her willingness to demonstrate as much as possible of her fit, healthy and well trained body. However, in 2011 her fans (as well as haters) were shocked to see the photos that evidenced an obvious Kesha weight gain. For those who managed to survive the 2000s without learning the full biography of this eccentric starlet, here are some reminders. In 2005 Kesha landed a contract with Kemosabe Entertainment. Despite this early success, for the rest of decade the singer remained in the darker corner of the stage, performing as a back vocal, and in the studio, writing songs for those artists who have already earned their place in a spotlight. A breakthrough in Kesha’s professional career came up in 2010, as she released her debut album Animal.
Probably most of you have seen this singer in the videos for her hits “Tik Tok” and “We are the World”. Those who did, already know that back in 2010 Kesha weight gain seemed unlikely in any foreseeable future. As for one reason, it was clear that her fit, well trained and let’s be honest, pretty attractive, body was one of the means the starlet used to attract the popular attention. We probably don’t have to explain why Kesha weight gain could have put her professional career in a serious danger. The singer had her fan base among the teenage audience and teens are not exactly the group of people that would refrain from criticism.
The numbers that represent the commercial performance of her second album, Warrior, which was released in 2012, actually support such reasoning. Kesha’s debut single alone, “Tik Tok”, topped Billboard 200 and stayed in this position for nine weeks. Animal, the album that featured this hit, eventually received Platinum certification in four countries: United States, Canada, Austria and United Kingdom. Compared to these sales, the commercial performance of Warrior seems pretty miserable. The album only managed to climb to the 6th position on Billboard 200 and failed to garner even a Gold certification. Of course, we do not claim that the weight she gained was the only or even the main reason behind the decreasing Kesha’s popularity. However, we suggest that the changes in her body shape had a negative effect on her career.
Some of her fans were pretty straightforward in expressing their opinion about Kesha weight gain. The admiration they felt for her music did not stop them from calling her “heavy” and “fat”. However, as for 2013, it looks like the singer has pulled herself together and managed to get rid of the additional pounds. The question remains, for how long?

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