Kevin Federline weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Kevin Federline weight gain?

Kevin Federline used to be a fashion model and a back up dancer for some of the most prominent singers. Back in the early 2000s his body was jealousy evoking: muscular, fit and toned. That is why America and the rest of the world were shocked to witness Kevin Federline weight gain. By 2008 the former model weighed more than 230 pounds. Before we start digging into this topic, let as briefly describe Kevin’s life before meeting Britney. The would-be star was born and raised in Oregon, in a family of Mike and Julie. His parents divorced when the boy was 8 and before finishing the ninth grade he was kicked out of high school. The lack of formal education did not stop him from building a successful career as a dancer. For many years Federline has worked with such world-famous singers as Pink, Destiny’s Child, Justin Timberlike and even the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson.
Needless to say, back in the day when Kevin was a back dancer for the artists mentioned above his body looked perfect. No matter what he ate, the intensive training schedule kept him fit and muscular. Everything started to change in 2006 and by the year 2008 his overweight was simply shocking. But what was the reason behind Kevin Federline weight gain? According to the dancer most of the blame for his transformation should go to the crippling depression, which started after his divorce with Britney Spears. For those few who are not familiar with their love story, here is a brief overview. The couple started dating in 2004, while Kevin Federline weight gain was still far away in the future. By the end of the same year they got engaged and later married. During the following couple of years Britney gave birth for two sons: Sean Preston Federline and Jayden James Federline.
Unfortunately, Kevin’s marriage did not last long. In 2006 his wife failed for divorce and asked for both legal and physical custody of their boys. After a long string of very public trials, the one who was granted the sole custody of his kids was Federline. For obvious reasons, the year 2006-2007 was particularly hard for the famed dancer. The loss of his wife and (temporarily) kids resulted in a severe depression, which in turn resulted in Kevin Federline weight gain. In one of his interviews Brit’s former husband admitted that in the late 2006 he was in unhappiest place in his life. All he cared about was what is going to happen to his children and marriage. According to Kevin, during that period he felt so depressed, he could barely force himself to get out of bad, let alone exercising.

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