Kirstie Alley weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Kirstie Alley weight gain?

During her career, which now spans over more than three decades, Kirstie Alley weight gain and loss, her never ending body transformations, have kept her in the headlines just as effectively as her impressive roles. This actress, who holds Golden Globe and Emmy awards, gained prominence appearing on television series Cheers and went on to appear in the widest range of movies, from the thriller Shoot to Kill to the famed film series Look Who’s Talking.
Kirstie Alley’s personal life actually resembles the life led by her semi-fictional character in comedy series Fat Actress. Just a several months ago the tabloids could not stop talking about the amazing Kirstie’s transformation: according to the actress, she got rid of nearly 100 pounds. Although the actress started training quite a while before the show, she lost most of this weight while participating in popular reality dancing competition, Dancing with the Stars. Although today, already in her sixties, the actress is in a better shape than she ever was, there are some good reasons to believe that it won’t be long before the tabloids start writing about Kirstie Alley weight gain again.
To name one, in the mid 2000 the actress signed a contract with Jenny Craig Inc., a weight management, weight loss and nutrition company, widely known as simply Jenny Craig. Following this, the actress managed to improve her body shape by losing 75 pounds and became Jenny Craig’s spokesperson. And what do you think happened next? A sudden Kirstie Alley weight gain forced the company to break a contract and part ways with her. As the saying goes, the history repeats itself. The actress has struggled with food all her life, but no matter how hard she tried and how determined she was in the beginning, her weight tended to return much faster then it took to melt it away.
There are several reasons why Alley has not been able to keep off the weight. First and probably the most obvious one- as the actress aged, her metabolism got slower. According to nutrition specialists and medics, extreme diets also tend to slow down metabolism. To put it simply, after undergoing an exhausting diet that borderlines with starvation, our body learns to save the calories, just in case one more famine would strike. The second reason behind the repeating Kirstie Alley weight gain is eating disorder, which unfolds in similar ways as drug or alcohol addiction. Whenever feeling lonely or simply sad, the actress goes to look for comfort at the fridge. This might sound a bit silly, but so-called “emotional eating” is a problem that troubles a lot of women. The popular solution offered by the specialist in such cases is exercising: physical activity can ease your mind and unlike emotional eating, it is good for your health.

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