Lady Gaga weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Lady Gaga weight gain?

Lady gaga is a prominent American singer, songwriter, fashion diva and pop-culture icon. Arguably the greatest music sensation in the late 2000s, Gaga ascended to stardom following the release of her international hits “Poker Face”, “Just Dance” and went on to release such multi-platinum singles as “Alejandro”, “Bad Romance”, “Telephone”, “The Edge of Glory” and “Born This Way”. Ever since she gained prominence, the singer was in the headlines because of her extravagant costumes and controversial statements. Just around a year ago the popular attention started centering on Lady Gaga weight gain.
Lady Gaga was never one of those anorexic starlets that makes you wonder whether she is going to collapse from starvation and exhaustion right on the stage, however, since the beginning of her career the showbiz star seemed pretty fit. So when her fans did noticed that the singer’s perfectly toned, flat tummy is gone? Lady Gaga weight gain was more than obvious during her concert in Amsterdam last years. It was impossible not to notice that she added an additional weight when the singer walked on the stage wearing her meat-bikini and later, when she changed to the bra and net-tights.
Lady Gaga weight gain is not just a gossip that resulted from bad lightening, improperly chosen costumes or similar mistakes. The singer has admitted that during the autumn of 2012 she has put on some 25 pounds. The star has blamed her weight gain on her father, Joe Germanotta, who owns a restaurant in New York and is a wonderful cook. You probably already know that Lady Gaga was raised in the Italian-American family. According to the pop-diva, the love for the Italian cuisine is in her blood. Gaga has reportedly joked that she gains at least 5 pounds whenever she visits her father’s restaurant.
Although the changes in her body shape have prompted some negative comments, Lady Gaga claimed she does not feel bad about her figure and her weight does not affect her self-confidence. This was not particularly surprising, as Gaga already had a reputation for not caring about the public opinion. She claimed that perfect body is not particularly important for her, because there is a special spiritual connection between her and her fans: they share the space of good-will, personal freedom and self-confidence.
Although Lady Gaga weight gain did not particularly bother her, in the late 2012 the singer has publicly admitted she want to be more careful about what she eats. It looks like she has managed to achieve this goal! As for August 2013, Gaga looks like she has shed some 30 pound. Although some bloggers have guessed that her weight loss has partly resulted from the hip surgery, we have no solid reasons to believe such gossips. For all we know, Lady Gaga looks perfect again.

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