Leah Remini weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Leah Remini weight gain?

Leah Remini, middle name Marie, is an American actress, praised for her performance as Carrie Heffernan on situation comedy The King Of Queens. She also had a prominent role on NBC’s series Saved by the Bell. Until 2011 Leah has hosted CBS’s daytime talk-show, entitled The Talk. The actress started her professional career appearing as Charlie Briscoe on Who’s the Boss and went on to star on the spin-off series Living Dolls alongside Halle Berry. Another interesting fact concerning her work on television is that in the early 1990s Leah has unsuccessfully auditioned for Monica Geller’s role in what became a hit television series Friends. Despite losing this part for Courtney Cox, she managed to build a successful career and was widely admired for both her beauty and talent, right until the whole Hollywood went crazy talking about Leah Remini weight gain.
In 2004 the actress who used to be slim and graceful has actually put on some additional weight. Ok, “some” might be an inappropriate word in this context, as she has actually gained some 80 pounds. But the reasons behind this sudden Leah Remini weight gain were actually pretty natural and not worth a huge scandal. In 2003, shortly after getting married to the salsa musician and actor Angelo Pagan, she found herself pregnant. Needless to say, a certain amount of additional weight is absolutely normal in situation like this. It is also worth to mention that while carrying a baby most of the woman actually puts on more weight than is necessary, as the changing balance of hormones in their bodies increases the appetite. However, only a small part of internet commentators have demonstrated their sympathy when talking about Leah Remini weight gain. Most of them followed the newspapers, internet websites and magazines, which criticized the actress and claimed that those 80 pounds that she added signals about the lack of self control.
Was the actress mad with journalists and bloggers who criticized her? No. In an interview given in 2007 Leah has claimed that she understands them, as their primary and sometimes the only goal is to attract as much attention as possible. Despite that the actress felt a little insulted and disappointed by those journalists, who seemed to be willing to tangle the same old topic over and over again, without even bothering to get their facts straight or to chose the polite words. Looking from the perspective, the media’s preoccupation with Leah Remini weight gain actually seems rather silly. After all, the actress has managed to get rid of the weight she had gained during the pregnancy in a relatively short period. She did that by following a strict diet and exercising, so what does that say about her actual power of will?

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