Leighton Meester weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Leighton Meester weight gain?

The talks about Leighton Meester weight gain has been here and off since her ascendance to stardom. For those who did not follow her career, here is a short overview. Leighton made her television debus as a 13-year-old, appearing in popular TV show Law and Order, and went on to feature on variety of television series, such as Boston Public, Family Affair, Crossing Jordan, 7th Heaven, Surface, Numb3er and House. In 2003 she made her movie debut as Lorraine on The Jackalope. Following this she was cast for such films as Flourish, Remember the Daze, Killer Movie, Going the Distance, The Roommate and God Only Knows. A breakthrough in Meester’s professional career came up in 2007, when she was cast for one of the major roles on hit teen series Gossip Girl.
It was around the time when the fourth season of Gossip Girl premiered on The CW that the whole buzz around Leighton Meester weight gain started. Let as remind you that in these series the staler portrayed Blair Cornelia Waldorf, an offspring of one of the richest families in Manhattan. Often described as a “girl of extremes”, Blair possesses both sensitive and snobbish sides. The queen of Manhattan’s social scene and a role model for hundreds of teenagers who strives to be just like her, Waldorf is constantly under the hand-lens of a popular blogger known as the Gossip Girl. Needless to say, her character has to fit into the narrow standards of beauty promoted by the fashion industry supported by spoilt, wealthy teenagers. Thus while she was filming for the series, a significant Leighton Meester weight gain was incompatible with her role.
However, it actually looks like during the 4th season Leighton has packed on a several additional pounds. This was noticeable both on the episodes and in the pictures taken by paparazzi. How did Leighton feel about all the criticism she received due to her weight? It seems like the starlet felt pretty calm and confident about herself. She has admitted that her weight is fluctuating in a range of several pounds and added that she is not going to get depressed about it. Meester has also noted that she is not the only woman who gains a couple of pounds from time to time and the bare fact that she is an actress does not make it a tragedy.
Despite these small fluctuations, it is not likely that we will be going to witness a more significant Leighton Meester weight gain any time soon. Although back in her teenage years the starlet had a reputation for partying hard, today she leads a healthy lifestyle. Leighton usually does yoga 5 times per week. Plus, she follows a low-fat diet which includes plenty of fruits and vegetables.

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Leighton Meester weight gain Leighton Meester weight gain