Mark Wahlberg weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Mark Wahlberg weight gain?

Those who have followed his professional career were shocked by Mark Wahlberg weight gain which became noticeable this spring. For those who have not heard a lot about this Hollywood actor, producer and former hip hop artist, here is a short overview of his career. In the early 1990s Mark gained prominence in music industry, performing with a band titled Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. Yes, Marky Mark used to be a pseudonym of this currently respected artist. A breakthrough in Wahlberg‘s acting career came up in 1997, when his film Boogie Nights reached the cinemas. Following this Mark had major roles in variety of successful movies, including Three Kings, The Italian Job, Planet of the Apes, The Departed, I Heart Huckabees, Max Paine, The Other Guys and Ted. Mark‘s acting talent and skill were evaluated with to Oscar nominations.
The talks about Mark Wahlberg weight gain that started this spring were not born out of a fin air. The actor has actually packed on quite a few pounds. But don‘t let this fact misguide you- Mark did not become fat and got forbid, he did not develop a paunch. Contrariwise, if the actor has ever had any fat in his body, now it is mostly gone and replaced with muscle. Mark Wahlberg weight gain was part of his preparation for the movie Pain & Gain. In this Michael Bay’s crime-comedy, which tells the story of criminal group responsible for kidnapping, torturing and murdering, Mark stars as a bodybuilder. In order to look like one he had to gain a lot of muscles and as you probably already know these weight way more than fat.
Even before this transformation Mark was often complimented as one of the most attractive man in Hollywood. As one female journalist has pointed out- even without squire-shaped shoulders and macho-act Wahlberg is adorably masculine. We have to say that with all this additional muscle Wahlberg looks more like the Hulk than a man. By the way, in one of his recent interviews the actor has admitted that there are some similarities between him and this cult character. Mark’s transformation is all the more impressive considering the fact that before filming Pain & Gain he had to shed a lot of pounds in order to prepare for his role in Broken City. So how did he manage pack on so much weight in such a short time? Mark Wahlberg weight gain method was actually very simple: for a few months the actor has been eating everything that got on his way and worked out like crazy. In one of his recent interviews Wahlberg has claimed that during this period he used to have some 12 meals every day. He even used to set up an alarm-clock to have some snacks at night!

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