Michael Phelps weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Michael Phelps weight gain?

Michael Phelps weight gain first caught the media attention in 2009. Before we start digging into this topic, let us remind you who this guy is. Michal is an American swimmer, who holds 22 Olympic medals- this is more than any other athlete has ever received! He started swimming at the age of 7. At first it was only a hobby and a way to use his energy excess- Phelps’ parents were happy that the boy gets home tired and does not keep running around, trying to destroy the house. However, soon his coaches have noticed that the Phelps has a great potential and suggested he should pursue a professional career in this sport. Michael won his first important international competitions at the age 17, when he participated in 2002 Pan Pacific Swimming Championship. A couple of years later he won 6 Olympic Gold medals at Summer Olympics. He achieved even greater results in Beijing in 2008. That year Phelps returned to the United States holding eight golden medals.
Needless to say that back in the day when Michael competed in 2008 Beijing Olympics his body was in perfect shape. If you look at his pictures taken right after the games, you will notice that his body was pure muscle. Only half a year later Michael Phelps weight gain was more than obvious. Believe us, this was not one of those cases where the tabloids and internet commentators start going crazy after noticing that some celebrity has packed on a several pounds. By summer 2009 he was actually 25 pounds heavier than he was six months ago. And this is not some estimation we made judging by eye- this is what Michael said in one of his interviews.
So what was the reason behind the sudden Michael Phelps weight gain? According to the athlete, it was actually pretty simple. After winning 8 golden medals in Beijing Olympics he decided it is time to get some rest, strayed from his usual diet and took a break from training. Phelps has also revealed that even when he realized it was time to pull himself together and get back to his normal schedule, it was hard to find motivation for training. It is not hard to understand why: first of all, by 2009 Michael has already achieved more than most of the professional swimmers does in their lifetime. Plus, the next Olympics were in such a distant future, the athlete felt there is no need for hurry. And indeed, by the time London started dressing up for the 2012 Summer Olympics Michael Phelps weight gain has been already forgotten: the swimmer was in a shape as good as ever.

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Michael Phelps weight gain Michael Phelps weight gain